• PowerScale OneFS NAS Operating System

    PowerScale OneFS Operating System for Scale-Out NAS

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    • The intelligence behind Dell EMC PowerScale scale-out NAS solutions.

      Address the challenges with unstructured data management and solve your business needs with Dell EMC storage solutions powered by OneFS NAS operating system.

    • Maximize the business value of your unstructured data, wherever it resides

      • Unlock the potential within your data
      • Flexibly handle diverse and unpredictable workloads
      • Easily find and analyze data - at the edge, in the data center or in the cloud
    • Drive demanding workloads and next-gen applications with OneFS

    • The OneFS NAS operating system provides enhanced performance with massive scalability to support the most demanding file-based workloads, while enabling you to reduce data center footprint and optimize storage resources. OneFS software can run on a variety of hardware, handle any unstructured data, and deploy anywhere – in the datacenter, at the edge, core, and in the public cloud. 

    • Essential Resources

      PowerScale OneFS Resources

    • OneFS Data Sheet

      OneFS Data Sheet

      See how OneFS powered storage delivers flexibility, scalability, efficiency, data protection and security for your unstructured data.

    • OneFS Simulator

      OneFS Simulator

      Try the OneFS simulator to learn how simple OneFS is to install, configure and operate.

    • SmartPools Data Tiering

      SmartPools Data Tiering

      SmartPools software delivers automated data placement based on the business value of the data.

    • OneFS Technical Overview

      OneFS Technical Overview

      Read a high level overview of the technical features of the OneFS NAS operating system.

    • Get a deep dive on OneFS

      Get a deep dive on OneFS

      Get a deep dive of the technical details of the OneFS NAS operating system.

    • OneFS In-Line Data Reduction

      OneFS In-Line Data Reduction

      Learn about how OneFS provides in-line data reduction capabilities of compression and deduplication to increase storage efficiency.

    • Featured Podcast

      Technology Powers Rollercoasters Podcast

      Learn how OneFS is helping to improve rollercoaster safety as they reach new heights.

    • Future-Proof Program

      Guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.

    • Dell EMC PowerScale

      Simplicity at any scale. Handle any data, anywhere with intelligent insights.

    • Dell EMC DataIQ

      Discover, understand and act on all unstructured data across your environment.


      Capture, store, protect and manage object data at public cloud-like scale.