Founders Federal Credit Union

    • Founders Federal Credit Union supports its customers better with an enhanced focus on data

      Founders Federal Credit Union's co-locations and disaster recovery sites were at risk. So it chose to protect their business from cyberattacks with the true last line of defense: the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solution. And, by leveraging Dell EMC's Data Protection software combined with Data Domain, its total cost of ownership was reduced and it now achieves an aggregate deduplication ratio of 72:1.

    • 35 minutes to restore servers from backups

      Founders Federal Credit Union chose to transform its IT to protect itself from cyberattacks. Bob Bender, CTO at Founders Federal, discusses the challenges of malware and the benefits of an air-gapped cyber recovery solution with automation, AI and machine learning.

    • The confidence to recover from cyberattacks

      With Dell EMC, Founders Federal can be confident in identifying suspicious activity and recover known-good data after a cyberattack, bringing operations swiftly back to life.

    • A top-down approach that protects the business

      In this CUBE Conversation, Bob Bender, CTO at Founders Federal, and Jim Shook, Director of Cybersecurity & Compliance Practice at Dell Technologies, discuss the relationship between the companies, malware attacks and cybersecurity in a pandemic.

    • “The question is... why is Dell EMC's Cyber Recovery solution so critical to our environment? The world has been hard hit by data extortion that we come to deal with 24/7. We started to look at others that were affected by ransomware. We were concerned that not only was our corporate data center at risk, but we started to do risk assessments on our DR sites, on our co-locations, they all of a sudden came into play. How were we going to recover that? How were we going to create a data bunker, an isolated recovery — so we chose Dell EMC's Cyber Recovery solution, which allows my team and I to sleep at night, knowing we're always covered!” 

      - Bob Bender, Chief Technology Officer, Founders Federal Credit Union

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    • Customer: Founders Federal Credit Union
      Industry:  Finance & Insurance
      Location: United States

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.