• Optional Support Services for Enterprise

    • Not all IT organizations are built the same.

      You may be just beginning your IT journey, or maybe you have several large data centers around the globe; either way, you want a services partner that has global capabilities and local expertise. 

      Optional Support Services for Enterprise from Dell Technologies complement the ProSupport Enterprise Suite to provide support proficiencies that are critical for modern data center operations. Whether it’s security and compliance, proactive technical guidance, onsite troubleshooting for remote locations, an inventory of spare parts located inside your data center or even multivendor support, we have the support services you’re looking for.  

    • Key Benefits

      • Customize your support experience to meet your organization’s unique requirements
      • Complement your resources by extending capabilities only where needed
      • Get the most out of your maintenance budget with a tailored package
    • What We Offer



      What You Get

      ProSupport One for Data Center



      Beyond break-fix; helps you achieve optimal outcomes around the globe with predictable costs

      Unified support experience across your data center environment


      Improved IT performance and stability


      Expedited issue diagnosis and resolution

      An assigned Service Account Manager


      Assigned ProSupport One technical support and field engineers


      Flexible on-site support and parts options

      Technical Account Manager



      An assigned technical expert, focused on a specific technology, providing proactive guidance and/or reactive support

      Increased ability to free up personnel and focus on your IT transformation


      Identification of problem areas before they can impact your business


      Personalized support experience

      Regular technical reporting and meetings to review key aspects, best practices and recommendations per operational goals.


      Reactive support; Available single point-of-contact for all product-related support issues with access to senior-level technical resources and product engineering.

      Optimize for Infrastructure




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      Ongoing analysis and personalized guidance for Unity XT, PowerStore, SC Series and VxRail systems

      Maximized system performance and operational efficiency


      Reduced risk of data loss, downtime or business delays


      Enhanced management of your IT environment

      An assigned Technical Account Manager


      Regular meetings and reports


      Best practice guidance

      Data Security Services

      Keep Your Hard Drive & Keep Your Component for Enterprise datasheet

      Data Sanitization & Data Destruction for Enterprise datasheet

      Ensure data security throughout the life of your infrastructure solutions

      Mitigate risk of data being exposed to unauthorized access


      Enable compliance with industry and business standards


      Ensure security of classified, proprietary or sensitive data

      Maintain possession of failed parts


      Securely remove data on Dell Technologies and 3rd party hardware


      Render data unrecoverable and receive NIST compliant certification

      Onsite Diagnosis Service



      When you do not have the time, expertise of staff to troubleshoot and diagnose technical issues, just call us.  We will dispatch a skilled technician, even to satellite locations and unmanned sites

      Skip phone-based hardware troubleshooting


      Save time and resources


      Avoid the need to reallocate IT staff to satellite locations or unmanned sites

      Onsite issue diagnosis by a highly trained and certified technician


      Firmware and drive updates, if necessary for parts replacement

      Logistics Online Inventory Solution



      A cloud-based, online web tool that enables data center customers to manage, monitor and automatically replenish a spare parts inventory stored at your location

      Analysis and recommended parts inventory


      Custom selection of critical replacement parts stored at your facility


      Access to a secure portal to view parts stock and product reference data

      Ongoing recommendations and assistance in installing and stocking onsite parts depot


      Immediate access to spare parts


      Automatic replenishment of used parts

      Multivendor Support



      Providing support for numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to help reduce complexity and simplify costs

      Simplify data center operations and save money by streamlining contracts


      Faster troubleshooting and resolution for all your data center equipment


      Enable your team to focus on transforming your business

      4 hour or next business day parts and labor (after remote diagnosis)


      24x7 remote technical support


      Available on OEM storage, server and network hardware systems