Dell Preferred Account

Dell Preferred Account

Dell Preferred Account is no longer available for purchases.

If you have an existing DPA account, please sign in to access your account details or make a payment.


(Quebec Consumer Protection Act, section 125)
Credit Limit Granted Range between $1,500 - $5,000, exact credit limit is determined during the application process.
Annual Interest Rate / Credit Rate 22.00%
Minimum Monthly Payment The Minimum Payment Due is the greater of either $20, or the sum of all Past Due amounts plus any Monthly Planned Payment Due plus 5% of the New Balance shown on your Account Statement (excluding any balances on any Deferred Payment Plans or Planned Payment Purchase prior to their expiration dates), rounded to the nearest dollar.
Other Charges NSF (Non-sufficient funds) Charge - $45.00
Account Statement Reprint Charge - $3.00
Table of examples of credit charges
Average Daily Balance of Annual Interest Rate (AIR)/Credit Rate Interest Computed for 30 days
$500 22.00% $9.04
$1,000 22.00% $18.08
$2,500 22.00% $45.21
$3,500 22.00% $63.29
$4,500 22.00% $81.37


The Dell Preferred Account, a revolving line of credit, will no longer be available to new customers (August 30, 2022) or to existing customers for new purchases (October 3, 2022). We apologize for any inconvenience. We are taking this step across all accounts as we will no longer be offering the DPA.

Yes. You are required to make payments under the terms of your Dell Preferred Account agreement until your account is paid in full.

Yes. If your account is already set up, preauthorized debits will continue until you cancel, or the account is paid in full.

Yes. You will continue to receive statements until the account is paid in full.

Please refer to the Finance Charge Summary box on your statement.

By using chequing or savings account details you provide to us, convenient payments will be auto debited from your account on a monthly basis once you set up your Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD). Go online to your profile in the MyDFS portal to set up your initial PAD at least 4 days before your Payment Due Date. You may also make payments by cheque.