• OEM Client Solutions

    Technology Solutions for OEM Clients.

    No matter your OEM needs: size, performance, edge, or embedded, our OEM Solutions are ready to meet them.

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • OEM Client Solutions

      Dell Technologies Client offerings, designed to meet a wide range of OEM needs.

    • OptiPlex Desktops

      OptiPlex Desktops

      OptiPlex delivers stability, performance and scalability from all-in-one, minitower to micro form factors. Get off-the-shelf, tailor-made options on the Micro with extended life and stability, plus industrialized attributes on the XE4 SFF and Tower.  

    • Precision Workstations

      Precision Workstations

      Precision delivers graphics and computational horsepower from a compact, 1U rack, mini-tower to mobile form factors.  Get off-the-shelf, tailor-made products that meet your OEM and industry requirements with extended life, stability, industrialized and unbranded options.

    • Edge Gateway

      Edge Gateway

      Edge Gateway helps you access the full potential of edge-generated data.  Gather actionable insights where you need them, secure connectivity across OT/IT environments, uninterrupted performance anywhere, anytime and customizable OEM-ready options that fit your needs.

    • Latitude Rugged Mobility

      Latitude Rugged Mobility

      Latitude rugged laptops are designed to survive the elements from temperature, humidity, vibration, immersion, acoustic noise to gunfire shock, solar radiation, and even fungus. Certified with MIL-STD-810* and Ingress Protection standard.

    • OptiPlex XE3


      OptiPlex XE4 SFF & Tower

      Industrial PC with scalable performance in tower and small form factor desktop. OEM-Ready with unbranded option, OEM XE longevity, stability and visibility with OEM Industrialized enhanced operating temperatures, marine certification and remote power switch options.

    • Precision 3440 XE SFF


      OptiPlex 7000 XE Micro

      Stable, commercial compute with ultimate space savings, integrated graphics, VESA mounting and OEM XE stability, longevity and visibility.  Ideal for embedded and edge applications such as Retail, Digital signage and Healthcare.  

    • Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme


      Dell Edge Gateways 5200 & 3200

      Help companies connect OT/IT environments and extract value from edge-generated data with no interruptions to their infrastructure with OEM-Ready option.

    • Precision 3260 XE Compact


      Precision 3260 XE Compact

      With its small size and edge-ready industrialized design for operation up to 45°C (113°F), this tiny powerhouse is ideal for manufacturing computer vision, healthcare, video security or other space constrained usage scenarios.  The first OEM XE extended life compact workstation with a nine-month managed product transition and added stability with OEM-Ready option.

    • Precision 3460 XE SFF


      Precision 3460 XE SFF

      This space-saving workstation enables up to nine displays with 3.5” drive and additional expansion, making it ideal for entry-level video security and commercial usage requiring 24/7 reliability. It comes with the OEM XE nine-month managed transition and added stability with an OEM-Ready option that is unbranded and rebrand ready for your logo.

    • Precision 3660 XE Tower


      Precision 3660 XE Tower

      This industrialized workstation is edge-ready with up to 45°C (113°F) operating temperature durability, mission critical reliability and scalable performance, a perfect combination for industrial automation / control applications and healthcare rendering. It offers OEM XE stability with nine-month managed product transition, an OEM-ready unbranded option and is ML/AI ready.

    • Accomplish your vision with our OEM portfolio and expertise

      From CTO-level discussions that define a vision to product design and prototyping, we create a bridge between your initial product ideas and actionable implementation plans. We’ll show you what’s possible then work together to devise a roadmap.