The OTEL Secret Sauce: Take a Sip

Bringing innovation to the table, Dell Technologies Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab’s Solution Integration Platform is ready to serve.

While I have always enjoyed cooking, one thing was always clear, my wife is a better cook than I am. She can take any recipe and make it better. Is there something extra or unique she does to amplify the recipe’s flavor? Maybe adding a little extra bouillon or seasoning salt and the right kind of tomato paste? Managing the optimal amount of garlic and mixing in each ingredient at the right time?

So, what does this have to do with Dell Technologies Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL as we call it)? At MWC Barcelona this past year, we announced our OTEL Solution Integration Platform. The Solution Integration Platform is that “something extra” that makes OTEL unique. It uses the latest DevOps techniques to bring Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and partners in the telecom ecosystem together to conduct integration, testing, and ongoing lifecycle management of Open RAN, 5G, and edge services and applications.

Graphic illustrating Dell Technologies OTEL Solution Integration Platform workflow.

It is a platform that automates workflows to run on any test environment within the OTEL, as well as connected customer and partner labs. The OTEL Solution Integration Platform accelerates analysis on the back end, post-execution, by giving nuanced results of test execution rather than the simple analysis that a test has passed or failed. The platform securely connects CSP and partner resources to the Dell Technologies lab and infrastructure to develop and bring 5G and telecom edge services to market more quickly. In short, it is OTEL’s secret sauce.

Over the past six months, we have been preparing the unique ingredients that go into the OTEL Solution Integration Platform:

    • Implementing the foundational services required to orchestrate and provision any solution integration and validation workflow
    • Developing a solution that can support multi-vendor system integration at scale, cloud operations modeling, multiple test-line configurations and user-defined end-to-end and on-demand validation at varying scopes
    • Designing a result management system to provide insights and analytics derived from validation results. This will enable integration teams to further optimize end-to-end solutions
    • Integrating with customer topology, labs, reporting, and data collection
    • Developing interfaces with various reporting, bug tracking, metrics and telemetry collection systems

The master chefs of the Dell Technologies OTEL engineering team combined the flavor ingredients of continuous integration, deployment, testing and validation with the cooking prep of a plug-and-play model, driven by an agnostic test automation framework to make a feast. This helps CSPs address key operator challenges by providing a fully cloud-native and container-based architecture for the development, deployment and integration of 5G Open RAN and cloud-native telecom networks at scale. And now the secret sauce that is the OTEL Solution Integration Platform is ready to be served so you can increase your appetite for integration testing.

You can learn more about the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab by visiting the Dell Technologies OTEL website. We believe you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait.

Paul Norkus

About the Author: Paul Norkus

Paul is pushing the boundaries of product marketing for Dell Technologies the way we are pushing the boundaries of 5G. He is driving the marketing activities for the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL) and 5G Converged Core solutions at Dell Technologies. He has an MBA from Olivet Nazarene University and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.