• Data Archiving

    • Streamline data archiving with Dell Technologies

    • While data archiving is an essential information management task, growing volumes of data and increasingly complex regulatory environments have created numerous challenges for IT teams tasked with managing archiving on constrained budgets.

      As a leading provider of data protection and enterprise backup solutions, Dell Technologies offers data archiving technology that can help to significantly streamline management of archiving tasks while minimizing the cost of archiving storage and simplifying regulatory compliance. 

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    • What are the challenges of data archiving?

    • As IT teams search for data archiving solutions, the technology they choose must overcome a number of challenges.

      • Growing volumes of data. The sheer volume data produced by the average organization continues to grow exponentially. Data archiving solutions must be able to scale easily to manage ever-larger storage volumes without an increase in administrative time.
      • Legal compliance. Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent. Data archiving strategies must simplify the task of archiving data to comply with a wide variety of regulations and make it easier and less time-consuming for administrators to fulfill legal inquiries and compliance reporting requests.
      • Data security. Data held in archive must be protected from loss, corruption, theft and compromise.
      • Need for access. Archived data may need to be accessed by a wide variety of users. Data archiving solutions can simplify access requirements with role-based permissions that allow users to easily search and retrieve without intervention by IT teams.
      • Increased costs. Data archiving solutions can help to reduce the cost of storage by archiving only essential data, by automatically eliminating data that no longer needs to be retained and by eliminating duplicated information.
      • Management complexity. Configuring data archiving and retention policies can be remarkably time-consuming. Superior data archiving technologies must minimize the administrative burden on IT teams for managing archived data.

    • Dell data archiving solutions

    • As a global leader in data protection technology, Dell provides an industry-leading archiving solution. This industry-leading enterprise backup software enables IT teams to efficiently capture, index, store, manage, retrieve and dispose of structured and unstructured data according to retention requirements. Seamlessly archiving content from email systems, file systems and Microsoft SharePoint, helping you reduce IT, labor and operational costs while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

      Dell SourceOne is an industry-leading solution that easily solves the challenges of data archiving. This software solution makes it easy to archive email, file and SharePoint data efficiently and cost-effectively. With Dell data archiving technology, you can reduce costs by reclaiming valuable primary data storage space, optimize operational and server performance, and easily meet compliance regulations, eDiscovery and litigation needs.

      This advanced data archiving solution include several components that enable proper information management, cost reduction, enhanced operational efficiencies and risk mitigation from commonly used data systems. Components include:

      • Dell SourceOne Email Management for Microsoft Exchange
      • Dell SourceOne Email Management for IBM Lotus Notes Domino
      • Dell SourceOne for File Systems
      • Dell SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint

      Additional components include:

      • Dell SourceOne Discovery Manager – an optional tool that enables a more efficient eDiscovery process by providing access from desktop applications and web interfaces to quickly locate messages and information.

    • Benefits of Dell data archiving technology

    • Data archiving software from Dell Technologies provides significant advantages, enabling organizations to:

      • Reduce storage costs by intelligently moving inactive, unstructured data to less expensive storage and optimizing storage tiers to maximize performance.
      • Reduce eDiscovery costs with self-help tools that enable users to respond to requests quickly and easily without IT intervention.
      • Reduce the size of user mailboxes, improve server performance and minimize risk by eliminating duplicated, scattered PST files that are often the primary source of business data loss and organizational compliance failures.
      • Centralize management, analysis and reporting of data archiving activities..
      • Simplify enforcement of corporate data archiving and retention policies.
      • Minimize backup windows required for data archiving to save time and to reduce the impact on application performance.
      • Improve performance of email systems, SharePoint and other data sources by easily and consistently moving inactive content to archive storage.

    • Simplify data archiving to the cloud

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Tier is a best-of-breed technology that enables cost-efficient data archiving to the cloud. Using Dell Technologies advanced deduplication technology, Cloud Tier natively tiers data to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. By sending only unique data to the cloud, Cloud Tier helps to greatly reduce storage footprints as well as the cost of cloud storage and the cost of bandwidth required for data transfer. Cloud Tier offers broad support across backup applications and cloud providers for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

    • FAQs: what is archiving, and other questions

    • What is archiving?
      Data archiving is the task of identifying and moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage system for long-term retention. Archived data is typically information that is important to the organization or must be retained for legal reasons or for compliance with regulatory frameworks.

      What are the benefits of data archiving?
      Effective data archiving enables organizations to:

      • Reduce the cost of primary storage by moving data to less expensive, low-performance, high-capacity archive storage media.
      • Reduce the cost of backup and the time that backup solutions require for backup windows by minimizing the volume of data that must be regularly backed up.
      • Improve performance of information systems such as email systems by minimizing the size of PST files.
      • Maintain compliance with a wide variety of regulatory systems.

      What is data archiving versus data backup?
      While both data archiving and data backup are forms of data protection that involve use of secondary storage on less-expensive storage media, the two processes have different purposes. Data backup provides copies of active data that can be used to restore information in the event of corruption, loss, theft or compromise. Data archiving is intended for long-term retention of information that is no longer active, but which must be kept for historic, legal or compliance purposes.

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