• VMware Backup

    • Protect data with VMware backup solutions

    • As organizations increasingly move workloads to VMware virtual machines (VMs), the need for effective VMware backup and VMware recovery solutions has grown significantly. Protecting VMs is difficult with existing backup technology, as most solutions were not designed for the software-defined data center (SDDC) or are too inflexible and expensive to scale easily as data volumes grow. And many backup technologies offer only limited automation, adding more complexity and inefficiency to the VMware backup process. 

      Dell provides VMware backup solutions that are optimized for virtual environments and provide simple, flexible and comprehensive data management and data protection for VMware workloads. 

    • Back up Data with Integrated Data Protection Appliance

      Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) offers complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

      Back up Data with Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance
    • Benefits of VMware backup solutions

    • With so many competing priorities for enterprise and SMB data protection administrators, VMware backup and recovery must consume as few resources and as little effort as possible. VMware backup solutions integrate seamlessly with VMware technology and automate tasks to minimize administrative burden. Providing comprehensive coverage for the largest application ecosystem, VMware backup solutions deliver higher performance, superior deduplication, lower bandwidth usage and a reduced cost to protect.

      Dell technology is designed from the ground up to provide the ideal architecture for organizations looking to protect their software-defined data center and transformation to the cloud. Dell VMware backup technology enables organizations to:

      • Simplify data management through automation: Dell technology automates across the entire VMware protection stack, including VMware backup policy, data movers/proxies and backup storage. Dell solutions scale elegantly without server sprawl and provide best-in-class data efficiency.

      • Protect business-critical workloads: Dell makes it easy to protect mission-critical, high IO applications on VMware with application and hypervisor direct protection.

      • Move to the cloud with confidence: Dell supports long-term retention to the cloud, disaster recovery in the cloud, protection for VMware cloud workloads on AWS, and integrated VMware and Data-Protection-as-a-Service.

      • Enjoy comprehensive coverage: With Dell, organizations can protect the entire, comprehensive VMware environment while scaling easily as the number of applications and the amount of data that need protection continue to grow.

    • Why choose VMware backup from Dell Technologies?

    • Dell solutions for VMware backup provide significant advantages over competing technology.

      • Automation across the entire stack: Simplify day-to-day operations by automating dynamic VM policies, proxy management and backup storage data direction.

      • Industry-leading performance: VMware backup technology provides faster and more efficient data protection, with superior deduplication and faster backups.

      • Cloud ready: VMware backup technology enables seamless cloud data protection as organizations transform more workloads to the cloud.

      • VMware Cloud on AWS integration: For VMware Cloud on AWS, Dell provides enterprise-grade data protection, best-in-class deduplication and an integrated management tool for on-premises and cloud workloads.

      • Support for multi-tenant workloads: Dell enables support for multi-tenant workloads using vCloud director, and allows customers to utilize Dell data protection as a DPaaS consumption model.

      • Manage data protection with familiar interfaces: VMware backup technology lets IT administrators manage data protection with the VMware interfaces they already know.

      • Instant access: Data Domain and IDPA provide end users with fast access to backed up VMs.

    • VMware backup technology with comprehensive data protection

    • In addition to VMware backup and recovery, Dell technology protects VMware environments with:

      • Continuous data protection for any point-in-time recovery: Features include software-based local and remote replication of VMs, automated provisioning and integrated vCenter management and orchestration.
      • Proactive monitoring: Administrators can receive notification of unprotected VMs along with a comprehensive view of data protection environments that includes analytics, reporting and root-cause analysis.
      • Search functions: Dell provides a Google-like search experience with tools for metadata and full-context index search of backup data. Filters enable more exact search results. Users can perform search and restore activity through a web browser interface.
      • Integration with Dell Data Domain: When integrated with the Data Domain appliance, VMware backup solution can reduce network bandwidth, backup times and backup storage significantly.

    • FAQs: VMware backup solutions

    • What is VMware?
      VMware is a leading provider of virtualization and cloud computing software. 

      What is VMware backup and recovery?
      VMware backup and recovery refers to the task of replicating data within a VMware environment to another storage site and restoring data back to the VMware environment when data has been lost, corrupted or deleted.

      Does Dell Technologies provide protection for VMware Cloud on AWS?
      Yes. Dell Technologies enables VMware Cloud on AWS customers to extend their data to the cloud with Cloud Disaster Recovery and long-term retention.

      Does Dell Technologies also provide backup and recovery for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP deployments?
      Yes. In addition to VMware backup, Dell Technologies provides solutions for Microsoft SQL backup, Oracle backup, and backup and recovery of IBM and SAP deployments as well.

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