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Dell Student Purchase Program

Student Purchase Program – Laptop, Desktop & Monitor Selections

Laptops and Desktops


Whether it's checking email, working on big projects, or safekeeping all your digital content, Dell Laptops & Desktops keeps you connected to what matters most to you.



Discover an entertainment experience with rich color and screen clarity. Featuring ultra-thin bezels for a virtually borderless screen and a modern design.

Dell Student Purchase Program – Eligible Laptops, Desktops & Monitors:

Selected products eligible for the Student Purchase Program include:

  • Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop(W516015260BMYW10)
  • New Inspiron 14 Laptop(HNI5415102MY)
  • New Inspiron 14 Laptop(HNI54101004MY)
  • New Inspiron 15 Laptop(HNI55103310MY)
  • New XPS 13 Laptop(W517053100PMYW10)
  • New XPS 13 Laptop(W517053301PMYW10)
  • XPS 15 Laptop (W5170152900MYW10)

  • Dell G15 5510 Gaming Laptop(HNG55101100MY)
  • Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop(W51G70152500MYW10)
  • Alienware m17 R4 Gaming Laptop(W519017001MYW10MLK)
  • Inspiron 24 5000 All-in-One(W216055700MYW10)
  • Inspiron 27 7000 All-in-One(W217055000MYW10)
  • Inspiron Compact Desktop(HDI38911100MY)
  • XPS Desktop(HDX89401600MY)

  • S2721H
  • S2421HGF
  • S2721DGF
  • SE2422H
  • SE2722H
  • AW2521HF
  • AW2720HF

Terms and conditions

1. The Student Purchase Program offers up to 18% cash off the list price (starting price) on selected laptops and desktops and up to 50% off selected monitors. The coupon cannot be used against non-qualifying products or segments. Dell reserves the right of change or update the instant cash redemption percentage without previous notice. The selected products includes Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop(W516015260BMYW10), New Inspiron 14 Laptop(HNI5415102MY), New Inspiron 14 Laptop(HNI54101004MY), New Inspiron 15 Laptop(HNI55103310MY), New XPS 13 Laptop(W517053100PMYW10), New XPS 13 Laptop(W517053301PMYW10), XPS 15 Laptop (W5170152900MYW10), Dell G15 5510 Gaming Laptop(HNG55101100MY), Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop(W51G70152500MYW10), ALIENWARE M15 RYZEN EDITION R5 GAMING LAPTOP(HNA00011500MY), ALIENWARE M15 RYZEN EDITION R5 GAMING LAPTOP(HNA00021800MY) Alienware m17 R4 Gaming Laptop(W519017001MYW10MLK), Inspiron 24 5000 All-in-One(W216055700MYW10), Inspiron 27 7000 All-in-One(W217055000MYW10), Inspiron Compact Desktop(HDI38911100MY), XPS Desktop(HDX89401600MY), S2721H, S2421HGF, S2721DGF, SE2422H, SE2722H, AW2521HF & AW2720HF monitors.

2. This Student Purchase Program (“Program”) is ONLY applicable to students.

3. This Program is strictly limited to eligible students of education institutions registered in Malaysia.

4. An official student ID or proof of school placement of the individual student issued by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education  will be needed for verification purposes in order to be eligible for this Program.

5. Each student is limited to a purchase of 3 units of systems and 3 units of monitors during the Program.

6. This Program is not available in conjunction with other offers, discounts, privileges or programs, unless otherwise expressly stated.

7. Dell reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Program at any time without prior notice or liability to you.

8. All decisions made by Dell in respect of this Program or in the event of any dispute(s) are final.

9. This Program is only limited within Malaysia.

10. All information are accurate during the point of communication.

11. Mistakes: While all efforts are made to check pricing and other errors, inadvertent errors do occur from time to time and Dell reserves the right to decline orders arising from such errors.

12. All purchases in this Program is ONLY applicable to online purchase(s) subject to verification of student status by Sales team via Chat.

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