• May 22–25, 2023

    Connect with Dell Technologies experts

    Join a highly technical Expert session to get real-time solutions for your most crucial IT and business needs.

    • Increase your technical knowledge with 1:1 conversations or focused tech sessions

      Whether you’re looking for insight into the newest tech innovations or seeking answers to specific questions, our team of experts will help you find practical ways to apply new solutions to your unique business.


      Dive deeper in the tech you use every day

      These interactive, expert-level technical sessions give you the opportunity to engage directly with Dell Technologies experts. Join an Expert session to:

      • Consume expert-level technical content
      • Interact with a panel of SMEs and technical leaders
      • Explore predefined, solution-focused topics
      • Strengthen skills with technical demos and walkthroughs
      • Participate in interactive discussions and Q&As

      Answers to your technical questions

      Drop by the Ask the Experts Bar in the Village to resolve your most pressing IT and business needs. Discuss your challenges or objectives and get real-time feedback and insights from Dell Technologies experts. No registration is required — the Ask the Experts Bar is a drop-in area where you’ll find:

      • Product-specific discussions
      • Insights to popular use cases
      • High-level design consultations and white boarding

      Resolve your most pressing business challenges

      Contact your sales team or stop by the Ask the Experts Bar in the Village for more information.

  • Join the #DellTechWorld conversation.