Dell Client Management Newsletter – 2023 September

WEBINAR – TechDirect & SupportAssist

Tuesday, October 17, 10:00 – 11:00 CET

Unlock the Power of Dell TechDirect, Trusted Device Agent, and Support Assist in Our Webinar!

Have you had the chance to explore the capabilities of TechDirect, Trusted Device Agent, and Support Assist?

If not, now is the perfect opportunity to join our upcoming CST Newsletter Webinar.

In this engaging session, our specialist, Oivind Staveli, will guide you through these innovative tools, offering live demonstrations to showcase their incredible potential. By the end of the webinar, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to not only register for these services but also harness the valuable data they provide.

During the webinar, Oivind will cover:

What is Techdirect
• Intro & get started
• Manage users

Build and Deploy
• Prodeploy – Configure your Factory services
• Ready Image – Blank image for Intune

Connect and manage
• Manage your PC Fleet – Perfect for Intune
• Data Erase

Get Support and Replace parts
• Manage your service requests
• Connect to your ServiceDesk

Retire your Assets
• Recycle your clients and earn money

And much more….

Session will be done on live environment and questions can be asked.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your platform’s security and improve your user experience.
Sign up now and take a step toward a more secure and efficient future!


Dell Optimizer -> Dell Power Manager, Dell Display Manager, Dell Peripheral Manager

In order to improve and simplify the management of the clients for our customers, some of the tools has been integrated with Dell Optimizer to reduce the number of tools that need to be installed, but also improve the user experience.

Tools such as Dell Power Manager, Dell Peripheral Manager and Dell Display Manager could previously be used as stand-alone tools.

Today, Dell Peripheral Manager and Dell Display Manager are found on the main page of Dell Optimizer and can be easily launched by clicking on the various connected devices.

The features of Dell Power Manager can be found under the menu option “Power”.

Dell Peripheral Manager

The Dell Peripheral manager software enables you to customize and manage your Dell peripherals such as keyboards, mice and webcams. The software allows you to customize your settings and get the latest firmware updates.

Dell Display Manager

Dell Display Manager allows you to setup, manage, and control Dell monitors on the windows operating system.

Key Features

    • Easy Arrange – simplifies the applications window organization on the monitor
    • Easy Arrange Memory – allows you to assign applications or even files to the partitions of easy arrange.
    • Application windows snap – helps you with placing a program quickly to any screen
    • KVM – allows you sharing of keyboard and mouse between multiple computers
    • Firmware and software updates – you can get automatic notification for new updates on monitor firmware and software.
    • Color management – allows you to sync the color space of the monitor associated International Color Consortium profile
    • Remote Management and Control (For IT Managers Only)

Dell Power Manager

Dell Power Manager provides simplified and efficient power management capabilities for Dell notebooks and tablets.

Key Features

    • Battery Information – Display health information for up to six installed batteries, depending on system capabilities
    • Advanced Change – Control battery charging to prolong battery life.
    • Peak Shift – Reduce power consumption by automatically switching the system to battery power during certain times of the day.
    • Thermal Management – Control processor and cooling fan settings to manage performance, system surface temperature, and fan noise.
    • Battery Extender – Conserve battery charge by affecting the CPU Power level, screen brightness and keyboard illumination levels, and by muting audio.
    • Alert Settings – allows you to restore the default alert settings

Dell Technologies Demo Center

The Dell Technologies Demo Center is a dynamic and interactive platform designed to showcase Dell’s extensive portfolio of technology solutions and services. It serves as a virtual hub where customers, partners, and IT professionals can explore, experience, and gain insights into Dell’s innovative offerings.

In our newsletters and webinars, we often talk and write about different cool tools you can use, if you want to increase the user experience, and ease system admin. But did you know that you can test-drive some of the tools in out interactive demo and hands-on labs.

Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one.

When logged in, you can choose between Video Shorts, Interactive Demos, Hands-on Labe, and Events. You can use the filters to see what is relevant in your situation.

We recommend looking at: Dell Client Command Suite, Dell Command Suite Lab, Dell Optimizer, but also the Hands-on lab with vPro. The Securing the demo with “BIOS with Dell Trusted Device” is very cool as it shows you how to make sure Dell clients are secure, using Intune.

Let us please know what you think.

Customer replacable batteries – by customer

Enabling spare parts for ordering by customers directly is a new project to address Rights to repair movement & further improve our already great repairability index. Dell customers will be able to order spare parts without booking tech support service

Customers are able to book replacement battery directly on using our Parts for your Dell selector available across EMEA pages or they are able to add these parts to their Premier page.

    • These parts are new and have same warranty (1 year) & OEM quality as Customer Kit batteries
    • The only difference is in the SKU type CPL-XXXX instead of usual Kit SKU type 451-XXXX
    • They include manual for user friendly battery replacement steps to enable customers replacing batteries without fear of damaging their system
    • System retains its original warranty after user replaces it’s battery

You will see batteries available for systems for which we did not have batteries available previously as they were considered as Field replaceable only – like below Latitude 7420 2in1:

Reach out to us for more information

Fun Fact

Intune and compliant Dell devices.

Security has never been greater concern, and you can use Dell Trusted device agent to make sure your Trusted device capable devices are compliant directly in Intune. Se more details here:

Dell Trusted Device and Microsoft Intune Quick Start Guide v5.8

We also have ab interactive demo that takes you through the process:

Demo Center (


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Here is the recording of the webinar
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Security Advisories and Notices

Dell Technologies strives to provide customers with timely information, guidance, and mitigation options to minimize risks associated with security vulnerabilities. We recommend that customers run the most recent version of the software available and apply any security updates at the earliest opportunity.

Read more: Security Advisories & Notices | Dell US

For questions and deep-dive workshop for tools and features, please connect with me,

Please let me know if more people should get this email within your organization, but also if you want me to remove you from this list.


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