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My Account — Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create “My Account” on

To create “My Account” on, perform the following steps:

   1. Click on the following link: My Account.
   2. Click “Create an Account.”
   3. Fill in the required fields.
   4. Click “Complete Registration” at the bottom of the form.

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What is "My Account" used for when accessing or

The “My Account” online is a tool that allows you to:

   1. View current orders or order history.
   2. Check order status.
   3. Print a copy of an invoice.
   4. Other personalized features for your specific Dell orders.

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How do I change my password for "My Account" on

To change your password, perform the following steps:

   1. Log into My Account.
   2. Click the link named “Email and Password” that is listed under the “My Account Settings” section.
   3. Type your new password in the “New Password” box and in the "Confirm Password" box
   4. Click “Update.”

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What do I do if I have forgotten "My Account" login password?

If you have lost or misplaced your “My Account” password, you can have it sent to you by email.

   1. Visit the My Account sign-in Web page.
   2. Click Forgot Password?
   3. Type your email address in the Email Address box. This must be the email address currently registered in your “My
       Account” profile.
   4. Click “Continue."

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Why am I not allowed to change the "My Account" password more than once?

As an added security feature, our system only allows for one password change request every 24 hours.
If you need to have your password reset, try back after 24 hours from your latest request.

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Can I consolidate separate "My Account" registries into one?

You cannot consolidate or combine multiple “My Account” registries into one.
You can update one of your “My Account” profiles to include the separate customer and order numbers from the other accounts.

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My email address has changed, how do I update my records?

To change your email address for “My Account,” perform the following steps:

   1. Log into My Account.
   2. Click “Email and password.”
   3. Type your new email address in the Email Address field.
   4. Click “Update.”

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Why am I getting the error message "This email address already exists" when I attempt to register to "My Account?"

You cannot use an email address that is already registered to an existing "My Account" profile.
If you try to register a new “My Account” profile using an email address that was used to set up another “My Account” profile, you will get the error message “This email address already exists.”

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Why am I getting the error message "This Customer Number is already tied to another member's profile?"

If you receive the error message “This Customer Number is already tied to another member’s profile” when trying to create or update a new account, this means that you already have an existing account using that Customer Number.

Try to log into the existing account. You can request your original “My Account” password if you forgot it.

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Why don't my most recent orders appear in the “My Account” profile?

We want you to be able to access details of all of your orders quickly and easily. If you ordered by phone, or if you ordered online without first signing into your “My Account” profile, your order may not automatically appear in your “My Account” profile.

However, you can add your order details to your “My Account” profile manually.

Find and make a note of the Customer Number, Order Number and Zip Code for your order. You can find this information in your “Order Confirmation” email.

   1. Click the following link: My Account.
   2. Type your user name and current password, and then click Sign In.
   3. Under "My Orders" (first option on the right side), click "Order Status."
   4. Click "Find Missing Orders" (option on the bottom left side).
   5. Fill in the required fields.
   6. Click "Add Customer Number."

Note: To help ensure that details of your future orders appear in your “My Account” profile, follow these guidelines:

Sign into your “My Account” profile before ordering online. When you're ordering by phone, tell the Dell representative the Customer Number for your “My Account” profile, and ask that they use it to place your order.

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Do you need further assistance?

Please contact our Dell Customer Support experts.

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