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ECS: Connecting ECS buckets with WINSCP

Summary: Connecting to ECS buckets for use can be done in WINSCP although there are better tools such as S3browser. WINSCP takes more of a setup off the ECS, so this is to explain what to setup and how to do so on the ECS. ...

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This setup must be done with a load balancer connected to the ECS, this does not work without one. You must create a DNS record locally. Any special characters in bucket names or namespaces do not work, WINSCP throws an error about the name being invalid. (ex: Brian's_bucket)


Use the baseURL in ECS user interface to setup the hostname for WINSCP use. The name is an identifier and can be anything. The baseURL must match later setup and can look something like this <>. Do not use anything already taken within the DNS records as this must be set up on DNS later.

To setup a DNS record create the following A and CNAME records using formatting examples:

Example of an A record pointing to the load balancer IP:

Below is the wildcard CNAME record example pointing to the A Name record above:

Below is an example of an ECS user information where can copy the secret key to populate the WINSCP configuration to access the bucket:

To setup WINSCP using Amazon S3 protocol, the access key ID and Secret access key are what gives access to buckets and namespaces. The Access key ID is the user the bucket. It is assigned to the Secret access key and is the S3 object access key (in the figure below to check show secret key). Whoever is put into your Access key ID means only they can see their buckets. Use your baseURL as the hostname and put the namespace for any buckets for whoever is trying to access before such as <namespace.baseURL>.


Additional Information

There was found to be a way to access buckets the user was given access to as well using <bucket.namespace.baseURL>. This shows the bucket and its contents if the user has been granted access to the bucket.
 See the KB article: 533858 ECS: How to connect ECS with S3 Browser? To have more information about how to connect to the ECS S3 Buckets using S3 browser application

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ECS Appliance Hardware Gen1 U-Series


ECS Appliance Hardware Gen1 U-Series

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07 Mar 2023



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