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How to Check the ESXi Maintenance Mode Status from the vSAN Perspective

Summary: Learn how to check ESXi maintenance mode status from the vSAN perspective in Dell EMC VxRail.

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ESXi maintenance mode from the vSAN perspective status varies from the one in vCenter.
  • To check if ESXi has entered maintenance mode with vSAN, or is stuck, run the following command:
    cmmds-tool find -t NODE_DECOM_STATE -f json
  • The output should be similar to:
       "uuid": "5c99d5dd-3f98-0ee0-6f75-e4434b398000",
       "owner": "5c99d5dd-3f98-0ee0-6f75-e4434b398000",
       "health": "Healthy",
       "revision": "2546",
       "type": "NODE_DECOM_STATE",
       "flag": "2",
       "minHostVersion": "0",
       "md5sum": "5919c7a6c18472bea464f097b577e011",
       "valueLen": "144",
       "content": {"decomState": 0, "decomJobType": 0, "decomJobUuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "progress": 0, "affObjList": [ ], "errorCode": 0, "updateNum": 0, "majorVersion": 0, "auditReport": "", "numObjectsEvacuated": 0, "totalObjectstoEvacuate": 0, "bytesToSyncRemaining": 0, "totalBytesToSync": 0},
       "errorStr": "(null)"
  • In the output, locate the decomState status. Below are the known statuses for decomState and their meanings:
    • decomState: 0: This means that the node is currently not in maintenance mode.
    • decomState: 4: This means that the node is currently entering maintenance mode.
    • decomState: 6: This means that the node is currently in maintenance mode from a vSAN perspective.
  • If the node is stuck entering or exiting maintenance mode for any reason, try the following:
    • If ESXi from vCenter can enter maintenance mode (the option is available when right-clicking ESXi), try to enter and exit (or exit and enter) the maintenance mode.
    • If this is unsuccessful, try to exit the vSAN maintenance mode by using the following command:
      • esxcli vsan maintenancemode cancel

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08 May 2024



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