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Data Domain: How to Power Off and Power On a Data Domain System

Summary: This article describes the basic sequence to gracefully power off and power on a Data Domain (DD) physical appliance and attached external storage enclosures.

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How to Power Off and Power On a Data Domain System:    

Applies to:   

  • All Data Domain Physical appliances 

  • All Software Releases

Does not apply to:   

  • Solution-based products which incorporate a Data Domain physical appliance, such Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)

This article provides instructions to Power On and Power Off a Data Domain System.

To gracefully shutdown power to the Data Domain physical appliance:    

  1. Use the DD-CLI (SSH) command: 
# system poweroff 

By using this command, the Operating System will automatically perform an orderly shut down of all processes.

The command is available to administrative users only.

Avoid using the chassis power switch to power off the system. Doing so will prevent the ability of the system to be remotely powered up using IPMI. The IPMI Remote System Power Down feature does not perform an orderly shutdown of the DD OS.

Using the command:     

# system poweroff 
# system poweroff 
The system poweroff  command shuts down the system and turns off the power.
Continue? (yes|no|?) [no]: yes

Once the controller is powered off, switch off any external expansion shelves (ES20, ES30, or DS60). 

ES20 enclosures are controlled by power switches, ES30 and DS60 enclosures power off by unplugging from AC power.

To turn on a Data Domain system:    

  1. Power on any expansion shelves before the controller. ES20 enclosures power on using switches, ES30 enclosures power on when plugged in to AC power.

Wait approximately three minutes after all expansion shelves are turned on.

  1. Push the controller power button (as shown in the Installation and Setup Guide for your Data Domain system). 

Some Data Domain appliances do not have a traditional power button, and are designed to be "always on". These appliances will power up as soon as AC power is applied.

  1. Verify the Data Domain is fully booted and the operating system is running. This is done with the system console or from an SSH session to the Data Domain system. The system is up when you can log in to the system.

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