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Article Number: 000056991

DD3300: Network port failover aggregation support

Summary: This knowledge base article details the DD3300 support for port aggregation failover

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The Data Domain Operating System (DDOS), supports network interface bonding for aggregation and failover on most models.
On the DD3300 model, port bonding for failover options are not available until you have upgraded to DDOS version 6.2.x or higher. 
NOTE: ethMa should not be included in a failover bond.  See KB for details.




On a DD3300 model, the support for failover bonding features  depends on on the DDOS release.


Before DDOS 6.2:

Network port failover bonding is not available on a DD3300.

After DDOS 6.2:

In this DDOS release network failover bonding is supported. No other bonding mode is available.
NOTE: Network traffic statistics for a failover bond on a DD3300 will show the traffic flowing through one network interface but it will not reflect the active network interface.
In order to understand which network interface of a failover bond is currently serving traffic, use the CLI command "net failover show".

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Affected Product

Data Domain


Data Domain, DD3300 Appliance

Last Published Date

20 Nov 2020



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