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PowerEdge CMOS battery status is shown as "unknown" in OMSA 7.x

Summary: If the status of the CMOS battery is not shown correctly in OMSA 7.x, update OMSA to a later version to solve this issue.

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Article Content


This article provides information about the issue of an unknown status applied to the CMOS battery in OMSA with iDRAC7/8 v. or later installed.



On 12G or 13G Dell PowerEdge Servers with iDRAC firmware version or later installed, the CMOS battery status in the OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) may be shown as "unknown".


Why does this occur:

With IDRAC firmware the SNMP resolution changed. So the battery status can not be resolved by OMSA 7.x correctly.



Update OMSA to version 8.1 or later.
The latest OMSA version is available in the Drivers & downloads section of your specific PowerEdge device on in the Systems Management category.

Example for changed resolution:

Before Update:
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 0
iso. = INTEGER: 2
iso. = INTEGER: 3
iso. = INTEGER: 4
iso. = STRING: "System Board CMOS Battery"

After Update:
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 0
iso. = INTEGER: 2
iso. = INTEGER: 2
iso. = INTEGER: 0
iso. = STRING: "System Board CMOS Battery"

Before Update:
batteryComponentStatus OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX         ObjectStatusEnum
    MAX-ACCESS     read-only
    STATUS         current
        "The status of the battery itself without the 
        propagation of any contained component status.
        Possible values:
        1: Other
        2: Unknown
        3: OK 
        4: Non-critical 
        5: Critical
        6: Non-recoverable"

After Update:
batteryState OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX         INTEGER
    MAX-ACCESS     read-only
    STATUS         current
        "Current state of battery.
        Possible values:
        1: The current state could not be determined.
        2: The battery is operating normally.
        3: The battery has failed and needs to be replaced.
        4: The battery temperature is high or charge level is depleting.
        5: The battery is missing or not detected. 
        6: The battery is undergoing the re-charge phase.
        7: The battery voltage or charge level is below the threshold.

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21 Feb 2021



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