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Using AC Adapter of Dell Laptops While Traveling

Summary: This article provides information about using the AC adapter of your Dell laptop while traveling to another location.

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  • Can I use the AC adapter provided with my Dell laptop in another location overseas?
  • Should I use a different AC adapter for my Dell laptop if I am traveling overseas?
  • How do I charge my laptop battery in a car or in a flight?


Power plugs, sockets, voltage, and frequency used to supply electrical power to low voltage appliances, equipment, and lighting in homes and businesses vary across different locations.


Can I use the AC adapter provided with my Dell laptop in another location overseas?

Different countries use power supplies at different voltages (usually 110 V or 220-240 V) and AC frequencies (usually 50 Hz or 60 Hz). Most Dell AC adapters can operate between 100 VAC to 240 VAC (Volts Alternating Current) and can operate effectively across different locations.

The label on the back of the AC adapter brick specifies the input voltage range of the adapter.

CAUTION: The AC adapter provided with your Dell laptop works with electrical outlets worldwide. However, the power cable might not be compatible with the power sockets available in another location. Using an incompatible power cable or improperly connecting the power cable to an electrical outlet may cause a fire hazard or damage the device.
NOTE: When traveling, check the type of power sockets that are used in the location you are traveling to. You can use universal travel adapters that help you connect the power cable to the power socket in multiple locations. Dell does not sell these, but you can buy these at many electrical retail stores or supermarkets. You can find more information about power sockets, plugs, and voltages in this Wikipedia Article - Mains electricity by location This hyperlink is taking you to a website outside of Dell Technologies.

Image of the label on a Dell AC adapter showing the voltage information

Is the AC adapter of my laptop compatible with power sockets overseas?

The type of power plugs, sockets, and voltage varies in different locations. AC adapters provided with your Dell laptops can be used overseas. However, the power plug may not be compatible with the power sockets. You can use universal travel adapters that are compatible with standard wall outlets worldwide. Such travel adapters are compact and ideal for travel.


Image of a Targus universal travel adapter


How do I charge my laptop battery in a car or in a flight?

Auto-air adapters can help you stay productive on the road or in-flight. An auto-air adapter plugs into auto outlet (12 V socket in the car) or air outlet. Auto-air adapters are sold as a separate accessory. Before you purchase, ensure that the auto-air adapter is capable of providing sufficient power to your laptop. For example, if your Dell laptop requires a 90W adapter, you must use an auto-air adapter that is capable of providing 90W of power.

Image of a Dell auto-air adapter 90W

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21 Jun 2023



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