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Dell Computer, IT Equipment, Printer, and Printer Supplies Recycling Solutions

Summary: Learn how to recycle Dell Computers, IT Equipment, Printers, and Printer Supplies to help us protect our planet and drive impact on urgent environmental issues.

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Dell’s commitment to the environment is to be the greenest technology solutions company in the planet. From product design, manufacturing, transportation, product use, and end-of-life product recycling, REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE are part of Dell’s DNA. Another important point is the HOW is done. Dell’s local collections networks, bulk transportation, and high volume local recycling standards lead the industry.

We began offering recycling services in 1996. Since 2007, we have recovered more than 2.5 billion pounds (1.1B kg) of used electronics. Our focus is to recover more e-waste by making more customers aware of our recycling solutions, introducing our services in new places, and returning the most value to customers. It is part of our commitment to advance a circular economy.

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Computer and IT Equipment Recycling Solutions

Dell is committed to protecting the environment. That is why we provide convenient trade-in and recycling solutions that help us reuse precious materials to make new Dell products.
For more information, browse to the How to Recycle page.

NOTE: The How to Recycle page is in English, but you can change to the wanted country or region and language (where available) in the How to recycle section.

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Dell Online Printer and Printer Supplies Recycling

Dell Printer and Printer Supplies Recycling Solutions are designed to address Dell’s customer environmental challenges worldwide by managing the end-to-end product life cycle.

Browse to: for all your printer and printer supplies recycling needs and take the following steps:

  1. Select your region
  2. Select your country or region
  3. Select the proper printer or printer supplies recycling option:
    1. For printer hardware recycling, use the Home and Home Office free recycling option.
    2. Use the Printer Supplies Recycling option to recycle your Dell branded ink, toner, drums, rollers, and fuser cartridges.
  • All Dell branded Printer Supplies (ink, toner, drum, roller, and fuser cartridge) recycling is a free service to all Dell customers worldwide.
  • Free printer hardware recycling is limited to Home and Home Office customers. Business customers must see the Dell Asset Resale and Recycling for Dell printer hardware recycling and all other electronic equipment Asset Resale and recycling needs.

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Dell Printer and Printer Supplies Recycling Matrix

Since no single solution fits all, Dell offers the online Printer and Printer Supplies Recycling solutions listed on Table 1.0 below.

Table 1.0: Dell Imaging (Printer, Printer Supplies) Recycling Matrix
Recycling Solution Printer HW Recycling Local Drop Off Ink Poly Bag Good for 1-12 ink ctg Single Toner Ink Box Toner Box Toner Pallet Pickup
Target Segment Home and Home Office Home and Home Office Home and Home Office Home and Home Office Business Business Business
*NOTE to business customers:
For multiple printer hardware recycling, see the Asset Resale and Recycling services at
APJ Australia English Y         Y Y
China Chinese Y         Y Y
Hong Kong Chinese Y         Y  
India English Y         Y  
Japan Japanese Y Y       Y  
South Korea Korean Y         Y  
Malaysia English Y         Y  
New Zealand English Y         Y Y
Singapore English Y Y         Y
Taiwan Chinese Y         Y  
Thailand English Y         Y  
CA Canada English/French Y Y   Y Y Y Y
EMEA Austria German Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Belgium French / Dutch Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Bosnia English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Bulgaria English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Croatia Croatian Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Cyprus English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Czech Republic Czech Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Denmark Danish Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Estonia Estonian Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Finland Finnish Y   Y Y Y Y Y
France French Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Germany German Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Greece Greek Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Hungary Hungarian Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Iceland Icelandic Y   Y Y      
Ireland English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Italy Italian Y N N Y Y Y
Latvia English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Lithuania English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Luxemburg French Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Malta English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Netherlands Dutch Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Norway Norwegian Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Poland Polish Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Portugal Portuguese Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Romania English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Russia English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Serbia Serbian Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Slovak Republic Czech Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Slovenia Slovene Y   Y Y Y Y Y
South Africa English Y       Y Y Y
Spain Spanish Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Sweden Swedish Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Switzerland German / French Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Turkey English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
Ukraine Ukrainian  Y   Y Y Y Y Y
United Kingdom English Y   Y Y Y Y Y
LA Chile Spanish Y       Y Y  
Colombia Spanish Y       Y Y  
Mexico Spanish Y       Y Y  
USA US English Y Y   Y Y Y Y

Table 1: Dell Imaging Printer Supplies Recycling

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Nonmanufacturer Cartridge and Container Support

Information on nonmanufacturer ink or toner cartridge and container support is readily available and can be obtained upon request. To request the information, submit your request and the information will be sent to you within 24 hours. Select the region, Canada, or US.

For the printer supplies recycling report, browse to Dell Printer Recycling Report.

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