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802.1D MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking 802.1D MIB OIDs.

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Instructions dot1dBridge NODE dot1dBase NODE dot1dBaseBridgeAddress LEAF MacAddress dot1dBaseNumPorts LEAF INTEGER dot1dBaseType LEAF INTEGER dot1dBasePortTable NODE dot1dBasePortEntry NODE dot1dBasePort LEAF INTEGER dot1dBasePortIfIndex LEAF INTEGER dot1dBasePortCircuit LEAF OBJECT IDENTIFIER dot1dBasePortDelayExceededDiscards LEAF Counter dot1dBasePortMtuExceededDiscards LEAF Counter dot1dStp NODE dot1dStpProtocolSpecification LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPriority LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpTimeSinceTopologyChange LEAF TimeTicks dot1dStpTopChanges LEAF Counter dot1dStpDesignatedRoot LEAF BridgeId dot1dStpRootCost LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpRootPort LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpMaxAge LEAF Timeout dot1dStpHelloTime LEAF Timeout dot1dStpHoldTime LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpForwardDelay LEAF Timeout dot1dStpBridgeMaxAge LEAF Timeout dot1dStpBridgeHelloTime LEAF Timeout dot1dStpBridgeForwardDelay LEAF Timeout dot1dStpPortTable NODE dot1dStpPortEntry NODE dot1dStpPort LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPortPriority LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPortState LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPortEnable LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPortPathCost LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPortDesignatedRoot LEAF BridgeId dot1dStpPortDesignatedCost LEAF INTEGER dot1dStpPortDesignatedBridge LEAF BridgeId dot1dStpPortDesignatedPort LEAF OCTET STRING dot1dStpPortForwardTransitions LEAF Counter dot1dSr NODE dot1dTp NODE dot1dTpLearnedEntryDiscards LEAF Counter dot1dTpAgingTime LEAF INTEGER dot1dTpFdbTable NODE dot1dTpFdbEntry NODE dot1dTpFdbAddress LEAF MacAddress dot1dTpFdbPort LEAF INTEGER dot1dTpFdbStatus LEAF INTEGER dot1dTpPortTable NODE dot1dTpPortEntry NODE dot1dTpPort LEAF INTEGER dot1dTpPortMaxInfo LEAF INTEGER dot1dTpPortInFrames LEAF Counter dot1dTpPortOutFrames LEAF Counter dot1dTpPortInDiscards LEAF Counter dot1dStatic NODE dot1dStaticTable NODE dot1dStaticEntry NODE dot1dStaticAddress LEAF MacAddress dot1dStaticReceivePort LEAF INTEGER dot1dStaticAllowedToGoTo LEAF OCTET STRING dot1dStaticStatus LEAF INTEGER

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02 Feb 2021



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