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Force10 Copy Config MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking Force10 Copy Config MIB OIDs.

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Instructions               f10CopyConfigMib              NODE             f10CopyConfigObjects          NODE           f10CopyConfig                 NODE         f10CopyTable                  NODE       f10CopyEntry                  NODE     copyConfigIndex               LEAF   INTEGER not-accessible     copySrcFileType               LEAF   F10ConfigFileType read-write     copySrcFileLocation           LEAF   F10ConfigFileLocation read-write     copySrcFileName               LEAF   DisplayString read-write     copyDestFileType              LEAF   F10ConfigFileType read-write     copyDestFileLocation          LEAF   F10ConfigFileLocation read-write     copyDestFileName              LEAF   DisplayString read-write     copyServerAddress             LEAF   IpAddress read-write     copyUserName                  LEAF   DisplayString read-write    copyUserPassword              LEAF   DisplayString read-write    copyState                     LEAF   F10ConfigCopyState read-only    copyTimeStarted               LEAF   TimeTicks read-only    copyTimeCompleted             LEAF   TimeTicks read-only    copyFailCause                 LEAF   F10ConfigCopyFailCause read-only    copyEntryRowStatus            LEAF   RowStatus read-write           f10CopyConfigTraps            NODE         copyAlarmMibNotifications     NODE       copyConfigCompleted           NODE         copyAlarmVariable             NODE       copyAlarmLevel                LEAF   INTEGER accessible-for-notify       copyAlarmString               LEAF   OCTET STRING accessible-for-notify       copyAlarmIndex                LEAF   INTEGER accessible-for-notify

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02 Feb 2021



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