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Force10 Enterprise Interface Extension MIB OIDs

Summary: Force10 Enterprise Interface Extension MIB OIDs

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Instructions               f10IfExtensionMib                NODE             f10IfExtensionMibObject          NODE           f10IfExtensionParams             NODE         f10IfTable                       NODE       f10IfEntry                       NODE     f10IfIpMtu                       LEAF   Unsigned32 read-only     f10IfDuplexMode                  LEAF   INTEGER read-only     f10IfQueueingStrategy            LEAF   DisplayString read-only     f10IfRxFlowCtrl                  LEAF   TruthValue read-only     f10IfTxFlowCtrl                  LEAF   TruthValue read-only           f10IfExtensionStats              NODE         f10IfStaticsTable                NODE       f10IfStaticsEntry                NODE     f10IfInVlanPkts                  LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfIn64BytePkts                LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10ifIn65To127BytePkts           LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfIn128To255BytePkts          LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfIn256To511BytePkts          LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfIn512To1023BytePkts         LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfInOver1023BytePkts          LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfInThrottles                 LEAF   Counter64 read-only     f10IfInRunts                     LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfInGiants                    LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfInCRC                       LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfInOverruns                  LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutVlanPkts                 LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutUnderruns                LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutUnicasts                 LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutCollisions               LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutWredDrops                LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOut64BytePkts               LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOut65To127BytePkts          LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOut128To255BytePkts         LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOut256To511BytePkts         LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOut512To1023BytePkts        LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutOver1023BytePkts         LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfOutThrottles                LEAF   Counter64 read-only    f10IfLastDiscontinuityTime       LEAF   TimeStamp read-only             f10IfExtensionMibConformance     NODE           f10IfExtensionMibCompliances     NODE         f10IfExtensionMibCompliance      NODE           f10IfExtensionMibGroups          NODE         f10IfParamsGroup                 NODE         f10IfStatsGroup                  NODE    

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02 Feb 2021



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