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Force10 System Component MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking Force10 System Component MIB OIDs.

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Instructions               f10SysComponentMib               NODE             f10SysComponentObjects           NODE           f10CamEntries                    NODE         camUsageTable                    NODE       camUsageEntry                    NODE     camUsageSlot                     LEAF   Integer32 not-accessible     camUsagePipeNum                  LEAF   Integer32 not-accessible     camUsagePartId                   LEAF   F10CamPartitionType not-accessible     camUsagePartDesc                 LEAF   DisplayString read-only     camUsageTotal                    LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageUsed                     LEAF   Integer32 read-only         camUsageL2Table                  NODE       camUsageL2Entry                  NODE     camUsageL2Slot                   LEAF   Integer32 not-accessible     camUsageL2PipeId                 LEAF   Integer32 not-accessible     camUsageL2IngAclTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL2IngAclUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL2IngFibTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL2IngFibUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL2EgrAclTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL2EgrAclUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only         camUsageL3Table                  NODE       camUsageL3Entry                  NODE     camUsageL3Slot                   LEAF   Integer32 not-accessible     camUsageL3PipeId                 LEAF   Integer32 not-accessible     camUsageL3IngFibTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL3IngFibUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL3IngSysFlowTotal        LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL3IngSysFlowUsed         LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL3IngTrcListTotal        LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL3IngTrcListUsed         LEAF   Integer32 read-only     camUsageL3IngMcastFibTotal       LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngMcastFibUsed        LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngQosTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngQosUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngPbrTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngPbrUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngAclTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3IngAclUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3EgrAclTotal            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    camUsageL3EgrAclUsed             LEAF   Integer32 read-only           f10SysComponentTrap              NODE         sysCompAlarmMibNotifications     NODE       camUsageThresholdExceed          NODE       camIsFull                        NODE         sysCompAlarmVariable             NODE       sysCompAlarmLevel                LEAF   INTEGER accessible-for-notify       sysCompAlarmVarString            LEAF   OCTET STRING accessible-for-notify       sysCompSlotId                    LEAF   INTEGER accessible-for-notify       sysCompPortPipe                  LEAF   INTEGER accessible-for-notify       sysCompCamPartId                 LEAF   DisplayString accessible-for-notify

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03 Feb 2021



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