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Article Number: 000184100

Connectrix Brocade B-Series SANnav: Services on SANnav fail to start

Summary: After a new SANnav installation or SANnav migration, certain services on SANNav server may fail to come up

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In the instances, after a new SANnav installation or SANnav migration, certain services may fail to come up even after restarting the services.

The status of SANnav server can be checked by running the following script.
The following highlighted error message will be displayed if any of the services are down on the SANnav server. 

[root@SANNAV diag]# ./
Following services are currently down or starting


In certain cases, either the firewalld or the Security feature called "SELinux (Security-enhanced Linux) on the Linux Server may be blocking the communication between services, preventing the services from starting.


Disable the firewalld and the SELinux on the SANnav server.

Steps to disable firewalld
1.Check the status of the firewalld with the following command
#service firewalld status.
Active: active (running) since Mon 2021-03-08 15:31:21 GMT; 3 days ago
2. In the above example the firewalld is active.
    Issue the following command to stop the firewalld service.
#service firewalld stop

3. Run the following command to disable firewalld.
#systemctl disable firewalld

Steps to disable SELinux
  • Type “sestatus” Below you will see it’s enabled.
  • Type Cd /etc/selinux/
  • Type “vi config”
  • In file change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled. 
  • In vi enter “x” to delete and hit escape and press “I” to insert.
  •  Then press escape and type “:wq!”.
  • Type “sudo setenforce 0”

Note: The SANnav Server will continue to run with the above options disabled.
Prior to disabling them, please ensure if your security requirements require these features to be enabled.

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Affected Product

Connectrix SANnav

Last Published Date

27 Oct 2021



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