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What is IPS Black Technology?

Summary: LG Display’s IPS Black technology is a newly developed technology that is ideal for professionals. It supports a wider viewing angle, improved color accuracy, more detailed expression in dark scenes, and faster response times. ...

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TUV Rheinland officially certifies IPS Black technology. Dell is the first to launch monitors with this technology.

Some of the key advantages of this technology are:

Wide viewing angle

The key advantage is a wider viewing angle of 178 degrees, revealing accurate colors even when viewed from the side. Improved color contrast ratio at all ranges of viewing angles enables content on the screen is the same from any angle. This feature is especially essential for users that have a dual or multi monitor setup. It is helpful while viewing detailed graphs or charts such as stock-related content. In addition, it supports your collaboration with others, as all people around the monitor can see the same screen while standing next to you around.

Wide viewing angle

(Figure.1 Wide viewing angle)

Table 1: Wide Viewing Angle
  Conventional IPS IPS Black VA
Front CR 1290 2160 4358
Viewing Angle CR Left/Right 20 deg 1100 1640 1715
23 deg 1060 1526 1393
41 deg 670 885 535
52 deg 487 532 346
  • White luminance 350 nit normalized
  • IPS Ref. model: LM270WR5 (U2720Q)
  • IPS Black model: LM270WR9 (U2723QE)
  • VA model: 31.5 UHD, 60 HZ

Enhanced Color

IPS Black technology is well suited for designers for its representation of deep blacks and color accuracy. As it expresses deeper black and vivid colors in 4K clarity, professionals can work with wide range of colors that are true-to-life. In addition, they can experience the same level of color accuracy in low gray colors even at the side of the monitors. It helps with professional design applications that are designed in low gray content, with support for 98 percent of DCI-P3 color gamut.

Improved Contrast Ratio

IPS Black technology is used to achieve a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, enabling detailed low gray expression. This feature helps to work with detailed digital images or graphic arts for games.

IPS Black technology provides 35% deeper black than conventional IPS, so that it enables sharper expression. At the same white luminance of 400nit, the black luminance of conventional IPS and IPS black (> 2,000:1) varies by approximately 0.1 nit. IPS black can express deeper black by minimizing light leakage changing liquid crystal and improving liquid crystal array.

TUV Certification

IPS Black technology is officially certified as a premium IPS panel by TUV Rheinland. This includes a wide viewing angle, higher contrast ratio, rich color volume, and low blue light technology applied.

Table 2: TUV Certification
Required Spec. Testing Criteria Spec (Test Result)
CR Checkerboard Contrast >= 2000:1
Color Color Gamut >=DCI 98%
Low blue light Low blue light Pass
Viewing Angle CR Consistency >= 50%
Color Accuracy <= 0.02
Gamma Shift Ratio <= 5%

It has over 2000:1 CR, DCI 98%, and low blue light. The Gamma Shift Ratio (GSR) of viewing angle spec is under 5%, whereas GSR of VA is around 10%.

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Dell U2723QE, Dell U3223QE, Dell U3223QZ, Dell U3224KB, Dell U3423WE, Dell U4924DW

Last Published Date

15 May 2023



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