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PowerEdge 16G models: HBA355e PCI-e Slot Selection

Summary: The Dell HBA355e SAS host bus adapter (HBA) may be supplied as a drop in box (DIB) item alongside the 16th generation PowerEdge servers. This article provides direction on selecting an appropriate PCI-e slot. ...

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The HBA355e may be supplied in a separate box alongside the Dell PowerEdge server. The HBA355e ships configured with the low-profile PCI bracket-attached card. Depending on available PCI-e slots within the host server, it may be necessary to unscrew the low-profile bracket and attach the full-height bracket. More details can be found in the Dell Host Bus Adapter User's Guide HBA 355 and 350 Series.

HBA355e low profile configuration

Figure 1: HBA355e low-profile configuration showing a full-height bracket with three screws

Which PCI-e slot must the HBA355e be inserted?
Select a PCI-e slot that does not obstruct the insertion of the SFF-8844 SAS connector. Otherwise, it may not be possible for the connection to train on the connected device and form an SAS link.

SFF-8844 SAS cable connector

Figure 2: SFF-8844 SAS cable connector

Dell PowerEdge administrators can lookup the model server Installation and service manual under the Expansion card installation guidelines section. Go to, select your PowerEdge server model, or enter the PowerEdge service tag. The product manuals can be found under the Documentation tab.

NOTE: Dell PowerEdge rack servers may ship in different riser configurations. Administrators can use their PowerEdge service tag on and View product specifications to see the PCI-e riser configuration that shipped with the system. 


Sample PowerEdge Riser configuration

Figure 3: Sample PowerEdge Riser configuration under View product specs

The HBA355 is not listed in the expansion cards section for my PowerEdge model.
Do not confuse this the HBA355e external SAS HBA adapter with the HBA355i model. If the HBA355 is not listed, use FOXCONN (External Adapter) or PERC external HBA as an analog for the HBA355e card. If the information you need is not available contact Dell PowerEdge Technical Support. 

Not getting a SAS link with the connected device? Try the following:

  1. Ensure that the SFF-8844 SAS cable connector is inserted correctly and locks into position. Apply a gentle tug at either end of the SAS cable connection, if the connection comes out, either the connector has either been inserted upside down or the connector has not been inserted correctly or the connector is being obstructed.  
  2. Ensure the devices at either end of the SAS cable are turned on and online. The PowerEdge host operating system must load a device driver for the HBA355e SAS adapter. Use the host operating system utilities to confirm the host operating system recognizes the HBA355e. The latest HBA355e device drivers and HBA355e firmware may be found on the for your PowerEdge server, under Drivers & Downloads tab by selecting the SAS Non-RAID category.  
If you need further assistance contact Dell PowerEdge Technical Support. 

Are there other considerations when installing the HBA355e?

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Rack Servers, Tower Servers, ME Series, HBA355

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05 Jan 2024



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