Inspiron 3668 Service Manual



NOTE: : If we have two 2.5-inch hard drives, then the drive connected to SATA 0 will be the primary drive.

  1. Place the computer with the side-chassis facing up.
  2. Lift and rotate the side-chassis away from the computer.
    Image: Opening the side-chassis
  3. Disconnect the power cable from the hard drive.
  4. Disconnect the data cable (SATA 1) from the hard drive.
  5. Press the release tabs on the hard-drive assembly.
  6. Slide the hard-drive assembly out of the slot on the side-chassis.
    Image: Removing the hard-drive assembly
  7. Pry the hard-drive bracket to release the tabs on the bracket from the slots on the hard drive.
  8. Lift the hard drive off the hard-drive bracket.

    NOTE: : Note the orientation of the hard drive so that you can replace it correctly.

    Image: Removing the hard drive from the hard-drive bracket

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