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Dell EMC OpenManage Plug-in Version 3.0 for Nagios Core Installation Guide

System requirements

Before you install the plug-in, ensure that you meet the following requirements based on the protocol you are using:

Common prerequisites:
  • Nagios Core version 3.5.0 or later is installed and all the Nagios Core components are functional.
  • Perl version 5.8.8 or later is installed.
  • The Net-IP Perl module version 1.26 or later is installed.
  • (Optional) Java version 1.6 or later is installed to view Dell EMC warranty information.
  • (Optional) Socket6 Perl module version 0.27 or later is installed for monitoring managed systems using Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
  • (Optional) SNMP Trap Translator (SNMPTT) version 1.3 or later is installed to receive SNMP alerts. It is recommended to use the latest version.
  • (Optional) The supported Remote RACADM utility is installed to monitor component attribute information of Dell EMC chassis such as:
    • Speed(RPM) of the Dell EMC Chassis Fan Status.
    • InputCurrent(A) of the Dell EMC Chassis PowerSupply Status.
    • InputVoltage(V) of the Dell EMC Chassis PowerSupply Status.
    • OutputPower(W) of the Dell EMC Chassis PowerSupply Status.
    • Status of the Dell EMC Chassis I/O Module Status.

    For more information on downloading and installing the supported Remote RACADM utility, go to “


The Net-SNMP Perl module version 6.0.1 or later is installed.

For WSMan:

Openwasman and its Perl binding are installed.

NOTE: To discover iDRAC devices, you can opt for either SNMP or WSMan protocol based on your requirement. However, Dell EMC storage is discovered using SNMP protocol and Dell EMC chassis is discovered using WSMan protocol.

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