VMware vSphere ESXi 6.x on Dell EMC PowerEdge Systems Installation Instructions and Important Information Guide



This document helps you to deploy VMware ESXi 6 on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, and provides specific information about recommended configurations, best practices, and additional resources.

  • vSphere Essentials Plus
  • vSphere Standard
  • vSphere Enterprise (two and four CPU offerings only)
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus (two and four CPU offerings only)
  • VMware vCenter Server
  • VMware vSAN
NOTE: Before deploying the system, Dell EMC recommends that you see the VMware vSphere 6 on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Release Notes at Dell.com/virtualizationsolutions.
NOTE: vSphere Essentials Plus is an all-inclusive package that includes licenses for three physical systems, each system with up to two processors. It also includes VMware vCenter Server to centrally manage the systems. vSphere Essentials Plus edition is supported only on two-socket systems. More licenses must still be deployed on approved systems for Dell EMC support.
NOTE: With the release of vSphere 6.7, all Partner Activation Codes that are shipped with current systems are for vSphere 6.7 licensing. If you have an active vSphere subscription, you can downgrade or upgrade vSphere, as you choose. To get your downgrade keys, register your Partner Activation Code and login to vmware.com/accounts. Go to Manage Product Licenses > vSphere 6.7 on the license administration portal.
NOTE: VMware vSAN is licensed independently per socket, per server. To use VMware vSAN, the server requires a vSphere license (per socket, per server) and a vCenter Server license.

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