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Precision 5560 Setup and Specifications

Set up your Precision 5560

NOTE The images in this document may differ from your computer depending on the configuration you ordered.
  1. Connect the power adapter to a power source and to either of the USB Type-C port with Power Delivery. Then press the power button on your computer.

    Setup your Computer

    NOTE You can charge your system by connecting the power adapter to one of the two Thunderbolt 4 (USB Type-C) ports that are located on the left side of your computer or to the USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-C) port located on the right side of your computer.
    NOTE The battery may go into power-saving mode during shipment to conserve charge on the battery. Ensure that the power adapter is connected to your computer when it is turned on for the first time.
  2. Complete the operating system setup.
    Table 1. Operating system setupList of steps to complete the installation of the operating system.
    Operating system Setup instructions


    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup:

    • Connect to a network for Windows updates.
      NOTE If connecting to a secured wireless network, enter the password for the wireless network access when prompted.
    • If connected to the Internet, sign in with or create a Microsoft account. If not connected to the Internet, create an offline account.

    • On the Support and Protection screen, enter your contact details.


    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. For more information about installing and configuring Ubuntu, see the knowledge base article https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/000131676/how-to-configure-ubuntu-linux-after-it-s-first-installed-on-your-dell-pc at https://www.dell.com/support.

    NOTE All Dell apps are not available on Ubuntu.
  3. Locate and use Dell apps from the Windows Start menu—Recommended.
    Table 2. Locate Dell appsProvides the list of Dell apps on Precision 5560.
    Resources Description
    Image: Dell Product Registration

    Dell Product Registration

    Register your computer with Dell.

    Image: Dell Help and Support

    Dell Help & Support

    Access help and support for your computer.

    Image: Support Assist

    Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check

    Dell SupportAssist Preboot System Performance Check is the smart technology that keeps your computer running at its best by optimizing settings, detecting issues, removing viruses and notifies when you must make computer updates. Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check proactively checks the health of your computer hardware and software. When an issue is detected, the necessary computer state information is sent to Dell to begin troubleshooting. Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check is pre-installed on most of the Dell devices running Windows operating system. For more information, see Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check for Home PCs User Guide on https://www.dell.com/serviceabilitytools.

    NOTE In Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check, click the warranty expiry date to renew or upgrade your warranty.
    Image: Dell Update

    Dell Update

    Dell Update performs critical fixes and updates latest available device on your computer. For more information about using Dell Update, see the knowledge base article https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-in/000149088/dell-update-overview-and-common-questions at https://www.dell.com/support/home/.

    Image: Dell Digital Delivery

    Dell Digital Delivery

    Download software applications, which are purchased but not pre-installed on your computer. For more information about using Dell Digital Delivery, see the knowledge base article https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/000128904/how-do-i-use-dell-digital-delivery at https://www.dell.com/support/home/.

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