• Secure your data. Grow your business.

    Secure your data. Secure your workforce.

    According to a recent ESG survey, organizations with modern storage environments save as much as $20M/year in reduced downtime costs.1 Secure your remote workforce with enterprise-grade storage from Dell Technologies, the #1 in midrange external storage.2


    Intel® Xeon® processorer
    • Optimize all workloads. Protect all your data. From anywhere.

      In the face of increasingly complex workloads and the constant threat of cyber attacks, choosing a technology partner that can deliver ubiquitous data protection and trusted infrastructure is crucial. Dell storage solutions optimize workloads and protect your IT investments with self-encrypting drives, built-in disaster avoidance and snapshots in each array. Reduce risk and boost productivity with industry-leading, scalable storage.

    • PowerVault ME4

      Everything a business needs to store, manage and protect data. Purpose-built and optimized for SAN/DAS simplicity and accelerated performance tailored to quickly deploy and easily manage wherever work happens.

    • Unity XT

      Cloud-enabled midrange storage designed for performance, optimized for efficiency and built for a multicloud world. Modern NVMe-ready arrays, built-in security capabilities, flexible cloud deployment options and reliable data access ensure you’re equipped to meet the changing needs of your workforce.

    • Standard Deployment

      Intelligent, scalable storage for today’s most demanding workloads

      • NVMe all-flash or SCM optimizes performance
      • “Always on” data reduction with 4:1 guarantee
      • Native support for block, file, VVOLs, containers
      • Scale up and out to add performance or capacity independently
      • Anytime Upgrade keeps PowerStore continuously modern without disruption
    • PowerStore X Series

      Flexibility to run applications directly on PowerStore with AppsON

      • NVMe all-flash or SCM optimizes performance
      • Always on” data reduction with 4:1 guarantee
      • Built-in VMware hypervisor supports external hosts and local apps at the same time for unprecedented mobility, operational consistency
      • Anytime Upgrade keeps PowerStore continuously modern without disruption

        Protecting your storage investment.

        Our Future-Proof Loyalty Program4 is investment protection that includes a 3-year satisfaction guarantee, clear predictable maintenance prices and more – at no additional cost with the purchase of a ProSupport agreement – only from Dell Technologies.

      • Reduce risk. Propel innovation. Stay competitive.

      • Free Live Optics software

        In just 24 hours Live Optics will provide insights to help optimize your current IT environment and provide cloud pricing recommendations.

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