Dell Technologies Named Google Cloud Partner of the Year

Dell wins prestigious award for Backup & DR solutions that enhance data protection, security and cost-efficiency in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud has distinguished Dell Technologies as a “2023 Partner of the Year” for Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructure solutions. This recognition highlights Dell’s dedication to advancing multicloud data protection innovations in collaboration with Google Cloud.

Dell and Google’s joint cyber resiliency and data protection offerings help organizations simplify and modernize IT while ensuring critical workloads remain protected, secure and resilient from cyberthreats. Dell multicloud data protection solutions integrate seamlessly with Google Cloud and help deliver increased IT simplicity.

The solutions empower cloud architects, backup administrators, developers and data owners with automated tools that protect and secure workloads in Google Cloud the same way they are protected on-premises for a consistent experience. The benefits of this approach? It offers industry-leading enterprise data protection, simplicity in IT processes, boosted operational efficiency and scalability and cyber resiliency. Notably, using Dell’s solutions results in an 81% cost reduction in cloud data protection on Google Cloud, compared to other backup solution providers.¹

As more businesses use the cloud, it’s imperative they have simple, consistent and efficient solutions to ensure data is secure and protected. It’s especially important this protection extends across all their workload types – from traditional workloads like virtual machines, SQL databases and filesystems, to modern cloud-native applications like Kubernetes containers, IaaS and PaaS.

Dell and Google provide a suite of data protection and cyber resiliency solutions in the Google Cloud marketplace. These offerings ensure simple and consistent data protection across hybrid cloud environments. Some of the key capabilities include:

    • Cyber recovery. Ensure critical data is protected from cyberthreats, like ransomware attacks, by securely replicating backup copies to an isolated and secure digital vault using Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud.
    • Backup to cloud. Organizations can secure and protect any workload in Google Cloud by replicating backup copies from PowerProtect DD systems in on-premises environments to APEX Protection Storage (APS) for Public Cloud.
    • Backup in cloud. Protect any workload in Google Cloud, such as VMs and cloud-native apps like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IaaS and PaaS using PowerProtect Data Manager and APS.
    • Cloud DR. Replicate backup copies from remote offices and on-premises data centers to APS in Google Cloud for a cost-effective way to enable disaster recovery in Google Cloud.
    • Efficiency. Using Google Cloud object storage provides an efficient and scalable way to protect and secure data in the cloud. APS enhances these efficiencies with deduplication while bolstering resiliency with immutability.

Dell and Google Cloud data protection solutions are designed for both traditional and modern workloads and deliver the consistency organizations need to simplify IT processes. This heightened simplicity enables businesses to channel more effort into innovation, moving away from cumbersome IT infrastructure management. As a result, organizations are better equipped for the challenges of the digital era.

The collaboration between Dell and Google goes beyond a mere partnership; it provides organizations with practical solutions to leverage the cloud’s capabilities while increasing data protection, security, efficiency and innovation.

1 Based on Third Party Analysis, commissioned by Dell Technologies “Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection” September 2021. A Dell Data Protection Solution Designed with Cost Optimization in Mind”. Results were derived from comparing Dell PowerProtect Data Manager with PowerProtect DDVE against 4 unnamed competitors.

About the Author: Colm Keegan

If there is one thing I have learned in my IT career, whether as a systems administrator, enterprise sales rep, industry analyst or as a marketing professional, it's to always LISTEN to the customer. In this age of digital disruption, the voice of the customer is clear. They want IT to be simple so that they can focus on the important things like helping the business innovate and spending more quality time with their families. In my role at Dell Technologies, I strive to communicate how Dell is delivering the forward thinking solutions needed to simplify IT and protect the business so organizations can focus on innovation and doing what's best for THEIR customers.