• Cloud Software

    • Minimize the complexity of cloud software

    • Cloud software has dramatically reshaped the way users interact with computing resources. From cloud-based applications to web apps and cloud-native development, cloud software is one of the principal drivers of digital transformation.

      For IT teams, cloud software is also one of the drivers of complexity. As enterprises adopt more cloud solutions – from cloud software and services to public, private, and edge cloud resources – the task of managing this multicloud architecture bis challenging, adding cost, hindering productivity and increasing risk.

      Dell Technologies Cloud can help – with hybrid cloud solutions that significantly simplify management of multiple cloud resources.

    • APEX Cloud Services

      APEX Cloud Services offer compute and storage resources that enable secure and consistent infrastructure and operations for your workloads across private and public cloud 

    • The rise of cloud software

    • The use of cloud software has grown exponentially as enterprises have discovered the benefits of web apps, cloud-based apps and cloud-native applications. 

      Web applications are software programs that can be accessed via a browser and Internet connection. Web apps provide users with anywhere, anytime access, and no physical software needs to be downloaded or installed.  

      A cloud-based application is a program that that uses resources in the cloud and on a local computer, enabling users to continue to access the app when a device is off-line.

      A cloud-native application is built with cloud-based technologies and is designed to exist in the cloud. Cloud-native development uses loosely connected micro services and containers to quickly create apps that are massively scalable and that take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

      Together, these innovations in cloud software are helping enterprises be more agile, innovative and competitive. But they’re also creating complexity for IT teams. 

      Enterprises today are adopting a wide range of cloud solutions – everything from cloud software and cloud services to public, private and edge cloud infrastructure. Managing these disparate cloud platforms is increasingly difficult as each comes with its own set of tools and processes. The result is operational silos, complex workload migrations, increasing security concerns and inconsistent SLAs. 

      What IT teams need is a hybrid cloud solution with a common set of tools for managing all cloud resources. That’s where Dell Technologies Cloud can help. 

    • Dell Technologies Cloud

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is comprised of a suite of cloud solutions that simplifies deployment and management of hybrid cloud infrastructure. With a single operational hub and a consistent experience across all clouds, IT teams can easily manage multiple cloud software applications and business cloud solutions to eliminate silos, drive efficiency and extract maximum value from cloud investments.

      Dell Technologies Cloud includes:

      • A turnkey platform for running, managing, automating and securing an application portfolio across all cloud environments. 
      • Pre-tested, best-of-breed infrastructure from Dell Technologies – including cloud server, cloud storage and cloud networking technology – that enable IT teams to build hybrid cloud infrastructure with independent scaling of storage and compute. 
      • Data Center-as-a-Service, delivered as a fully managed, subscription-based solution that provides robust on-premises IaaS capabilities at core data center and edge locations.
      • Support for all major partner clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, along with 4,200 additional cloud providers.

    • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is built on a turnkey platform, VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail, that provides consistent infrastructure and operations along with automated lifecycle management to streamline operations and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 47%. Full stack integration means both the hyperconverged infrastructure layer and the VMware Cloud software stack are managed as one complete, automated hybrid cloud experience, significantly reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency.

      VCF on VxRail provides:

      • A seamless experience, enabling administrators to deploy and manage clusters and workloads with visibility through a single pane of glass.
      • Intrinsic security, protecting data at every layer of the stack and enforcing unified security and networking policies across the organization.
      • Automated lifecycle management, providing the ability to rapidly and securely update and patch from one known good state to the next.
      • A single vendor support relationship that simplifies and streamlines support and professional services.

    • Advantages of Dell Technologies Cloud

    • By choosing to manage cloud software, services and environments with Dell Technologies Cloud, enterprises can:

      • Accelerate innovation with access to elastic cloud capacity that provides the right resources at the right time to speed time-to-market.
      • Enhance security with a single framework that covers public and private clouds.
      • Improve cloud economics, optimizing cost structures with workload placement flexibility.
      • Enhance performance by aligning IT skill sets with cloud resources and allowing teams to work with familiar tools and operating models.
      • Simplify management with a consistent experience across clouds, increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

    • FAQs: What is cloud software?

    • What is cloud software?

      Cloud software is a software program that is operated partially or completely in the cloud. 

      What is cloud-based application?

      A cloud-based application is software where cloud-based resources and local components work together, and where users can access the application online and off-line. 

      What is a web-based application?

      A web-based application is a software program that is operated completely online, accessible via a browser and an Internet connection. 

      What is a cloud-native application?

      A cloud-native application is a new type of software that is it designed to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Made of loosely connected microservices and containers, cloud-native applications can be built very quickly and provide massive scalability.

    • APEX Partner Overview

      Work with Dell Technologies partners and benefit from the industry’s largest cloud platform hyperscale providers to unlock the potential of your cloud portfolio.

    • APEX Console

      The Dell Technologies APEX Console is a unified, self-service experience to increase agility, gain insight and maintain oversight throughout the APEX cloud and as-a-service journey.

    • Cloud Use Cases

      Access the right mix of technology to adapt at speed and unleash exciting new use cases that power your intelligent enterprise.