• Cyber Resilient Solutions for Mainframe Environments

    內建 Intel 創新技術
    • Cyber Innovation + IBM Z Compatibility = Choice and Recoverability from cyber events

      Cyber Resiliency and IBM compatibility enhancements for PowerMax 8000 and VMAX 950F

      • Dell space-efficient snap innovation fortifies data protection against cyber attacks while minimizing recovery time and recovery capacity
      • Dell storage uses two-actor security and zDP definition persistence for system security and integrity.
      • IBM-compatible Transparent Cloud Tiering reduces CPU costs associated with HSM
    • Announcing Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) release 5.4

      DLm now enables organizations to leverage Dell technologies PowerScale, Isilon storage, improving virtual tape TCO. DLm also:

      • Unprecedented depth of snapshots to enhance cyber recovery and resiliency
      • Support for Amazon AWS services for long term tape data storage, including AWS GovCloud.
      • Multi-site failover using GDDR Tape with PowerScale
    • Dell Mainframe Services and Solutions

      Dell offers a comprehensive suite of mainframe solutions and services to provide cyber resiliency, data protection, automated recovery and connectivity for your business backed by over 30 years of expertise.

    • Cyber Data Protection for mainframe data

      Dell SnapVX and zDP technology enables companies to restore DASD and virtual tape data in the event of a cyber attack while minimizing the amount of capacity and time required to do so.

      • Dell SnapVX and zDP technologies provides users with immediate access to point-in-time copies of data in the event of a cyber attack
      • PowerMax DASD allows users to choose scheduling frequencies that match recovery requirements; as granular as every five minutes with an option to make some or all snapshots
      • DLm virtual tape with Power Protect DD storage enables recovery of tape data following a cyber attack, undetected data corruption or human error. Retention lock technology secures tape volume snapshots
      • Save time and expense by creating virtual cyber vaults as well as physical cyber vaults at the primary site, disaster recovery site, or a dedicated cyber recovery location
      • Time to recover from a cyber event is minimized. Data snapshots are pointer-based and do not require data be copied, moved, or rebuilt using journals
    • Mainframe Storage with DASD

      Disk Library mainframe (DLm)

      Dell release 5.4 combines massive scalability, enhanced cloud integration built on the AWS S3 protocol, and IBM-compatible Transparent Cloud Tiering with enterprise class data protection and security for all mainframe workloads.

      • This release adds support for PowerScale storage continuing Dell tradition of storage flexibility
      • Supports IBM compatible Transparent Cloud
      • S3 connectivity enables long term retention of tape data in the cloud
      • GDDR Tape automated fail-over supports multiple DLm sites and enables control of multi-tenant environments
      • PowerProtect DD deduplication provides market-leading capacity and replication bandwidth savings
    • Direct Access Storage Device – Storage for Mainframes

      PowerMax DASD for Mainframe

      • Exclusive Dell cyber data protection saves capacity while minimizing the time to recover from a cyber attack
      • Leverage the z/OS System Authorization Facility, together with PowerMax and zDP two actor security, to ensure two persons are required to make changes affecting cyber resiliency.
      • Transparent Cloud Tiering saves space and CPU cost by leveraging Dell  storage efficiency.
    • Mainframe Storage with Direct Access Storage Device

      Connectrix FICON Directors for Mainframe

      Provide built-in high availability, maximum scalability and unmatched reliability.

      • Delivers high performance to keep pace with all-flash storage environments
      • 32 to 768 mission-critical ports
      • Supports Control Unit Port (CUP)
      • FICON Cascading
    • Direct Access Storage Device for Mainframe Data Storage

      Geographically Dispersed Disaster Restart (GDDR) R5.3

      GDDR - Your emergency business continuity button.

      • Automates disaster recovery protection for both DASD and tape
      • Active monitoring of Dell zDP for improved Cyber Security awareness
      • Failover automation preview provides a descriptive view of execution steps in response to planned or unplanned events
      • Automates SRDF/A auto recovery 
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