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Intel® Core™ Processors


A new world of productivity and entertainment

Learn about technologies, watch videos and get help choosing the right device.

Learn about technologies, watch videos and get help choosing the right device.

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10th generation

The power of 10 is here.

The many advantages of 10th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors are here — built-in AI, integrated Thunderbolt™ 3 technology, Intel® Wi-Fi 6, 4K HDR and new CPU and GPU architectures produced on Intel’s advanced 10nm process.

10th gen is just the start. Meet a new class of laptops.

Intel worked with Dell and other industry-leading PC makers to create a series of laptops specifically for those on the go. When you see the “Engineered for mobile performance” icon next to select Dell PCs, you know it was designed to keep up with your fast-paced life.

Get in, done, and on to what's next in a flash. These innovative Dell laptops will be designed to light up immediately with instant resume, and deliver blazing fast connectivity, powerful even when unplugged, and, when it is needed, a four-hour battery charge in 30 minutes.

Improve your focus with a more powerful laptop designed to respond intelligently — and specifically — to you. Built-in AI and advanced voice assistance sense your needs and optimize performance to better meet them. And thinner bezels make for bigger, more immersive displays that draw you in deeper.

These are designed to be the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful Intel®-based Dell laptops for fast-paced lives. Shop Now


Intel Optane Memory

Intel® Optane™ Memory

With Intel Optane Memory, your computer becomes more responsive to you by memorizing your frequently used commands for a faster, smoother, and easier user experience. It provides uncompromising system responsiveness for mega storage drives so you can launch faster, play smoother, and work with ease. Intel Optane memory accelerates performance and reduces bottlenecks for nearly instant program loading so you spend much less time waiting for apps and programs to open.

Content creation & small business

Intel Optane Memory accelerates your computer’s most frequently used tasks, from system start-up to searching for files fast, so your computer helps you work smarter, not harder.

Did you know?

By adding 16GB Intel Optane Memory to a Dell system, you could receive major performance enhancements such as:
  • Speed increases up to 14 times faster on everyday tasks when coupled with a hard drive*
  • 5 times faster on a web browser than just a hard disk drive*
  • Powering on your computer faster*
  • Overall system performance up to 28%*
  • Open large media projects up to 4.1 times faster*
  • Launch business applications faster*
  • Games launch up to 67% faster*


Intel Optane Memory accelerates game level-loading for a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

Did you know?

Adding Intel Optane Memory to an Alienware system increases performance in major areas, providing for the ultimate gaming experience.

With 16GB Intel Optane Memory:
  • Experience up to 65% improvement loading the next level of your game*
  • Move to the next level during gameplay up to 65% faster*
By adding 32GB Intel® Optane™ Memory, you can experience:
  • Overall system performance up to 31% faster*
  • Everyday tasks are up to 2.1 times more responsive*
  • Together with a Hard Drive, performance can be up to 21 times faster than just a hard disk drive,* plus it delivers up to 21 times better storage performance*

Solid State Drives

Take your PC to a new level of responsiveness and reliability. Designed for work and play, Intel® Solid State Drives deliver high performance, extreme stability and power efficiency. With no moving parts, they provide excellent storage for any application—from spreadsheets and word processing to content management. SSDs also offer tremendous advantages in smaller physical size, weight and power efficiency, along with very low heat production and noiseless operation, making them an ideal choice for ultra slim, ultra-lightweight devices.
Intel SSDs

Thunderbolt 3 technology

Thunderbolt™ 3 technology

A fast and simple level of connection and consistency for work or home. Increase productivity by linking multiple devices through a single, compact port or add a little more power to your gaming with lightning-fast transfers.

Future proof with superset connectivity

For the first time, all ports on a computer can be the same:
  • Any port can connect to Thunderbolt devices — every display and billions of USB devices — all while charging the system
  • Thunderbolt™ 3 brings lightning speed and performance to USB-C, creating one thin, reversible compact port that delivers the fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or data device, including eGFX or fast storage.

Faster storage

  • At 40 Gbps, Thunderbolt 3 moves massive CAD files, videos and data-sets in a matter of seconds—eight times faster than USB 3.0
  • 8x faster the USB 3.0 and 4x more video bandwidth than HDMI
  • Thunderbolt 3 is bi-directional: mobile systems and workstations can transfer and display both data and 4k video simultaneously
  • Transfer a 4k movie in less than 30 seconds
  • Back up a year's worth of continuous MP3s in five minutes
  • Plus, connect to any display, Thunderbolt, or USB device

Turn your system into a workstation

  • Thunderbolt™ 3 is transforming mobile IT systems and workstations
  • Achieves never before seen levels of IT performance and versatility in a wide array of business form factors
  • Only Thunderbolt 3 docks can connect to one 5K or dual 4K monitors while simultaneously transferring large files and charging the notebook
  • Connect two 4K 60 Hz displays with astonishing resolution, contrast, and color depth to see your photos, videos, applications, and text with amazing detail.
  • Quickly view and edit photos and video on a notebook while simultaneously connected to two 4K 60 Hz displays (or one 5K display) and external storage.


2-in-1: tablet when you want it. Laptop when you need it.

A Dell 2-in-1 is the combination of a tablet and a laptop. A hybrid product showcasing the best of both worlds, 2-in-1s are thinner and sleeker than a laptop, and come in a variety of models for conversion, including detachable keyboards and flip top displays.
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Superior gaming

Step into a different world. Immerse in another dimension with crisp details, realistic movements and smooth transitions.
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New desktops. New ideas

Today’s desktops transform the home with innovative designs, breakthrough performance and amazing new experiences for every room in the house.
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