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Sony HVL F20M - Hot-Shoe Clip-on Flash - 20 (m)

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Manufacturer part HVLF20M | Dell part A7525888 | Order Code a7525888 | Sony


Flash and lights

Shoot brighter images than with a camera's built-in flash with this unit's guide number of 20 (GN201). The unit automatically powers on when it is raised, and powers off when lowered, so you can avoid unnecessary power drain. Additionally, wireless control lets you use this unit to control other compatible flashes wirelessly for easy multi-flash effects.
Flash and lights

Compact, easy-to-use flash for advanced lighting

The guide number of 20 (GN201) makes it powerful enough to illuminate subjects up to 5 meters away (TELE position, ISO 100, F4).

Bounce flash

As the name implies, "bounce flash" means that light is bounced off a surface such as the ceiling rather than being directed straight at the subject. This reduces the intensity of shadows and produces a softer light for more natural-looking images. Since the flash position can be easily adjusted via a slide switch, this bounce flash technique can be used anytime, anywhere.

Direct flash

Simply use it facing forward as a direct flash that provides greater reach than the camera's built-in flash. Whenever you need it, just attach it and count on its ability to bring out the details in evening outdoor situations as well as indoor in dimly lit rooms.

Automatic power on / off

The flash unit automatically powers on when it is raised into a shooting position, and turns off when the flash body is lowered flat. This means the flash is ready when you're ready to shoot, and also helps to avoid unnecessary power drain while not in use.

Wireless control

Attach to a compatible camera and use this flash unit to wirelessly control other compatible flash units.

Compact and slim

The HVL-F20M is only 24 mm thick, giving it an extremely slim profile that makes it easy to use and to carry. Its compact body takes up minimal space in your camera case or bag where room is limited, and once you put it on your camera it's very easy to handle.

Advanced Distance Integration (ADI)

ADI provides automatic metering that is virtually unaffected by the reflectance of subjects or backgrounds, maintaining correct exposure even with overly reflective or overly dark subjects. It pre-flashes the unit to incorporate the reflected light measurement, together with precise distance information from a compatible camera's lens, to achieve the optimum flash level (E-mount not supported).

Auto White Balance Adjustment

Colour temperature varies according to the environment you're shooting in, and the colour temperature of a flash should match that of the ambient light to look natural. With this intelligent function, colour temperature information is transferred from the flash unit to the camera for correct White Balance setting, thereby enabling more natural looking flash photography.

Multi Interface Shoe

This product is designed for use with Multi Interface Shoe flash.

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Basic information
Dimensions (approx.) W 62 mm x H 114 mm x D 24 mm (2 1/2 in x 4 1/2 in x 31/32 in)
Weight (approx.) 105 g (3.7 oz) (only main unit)
Type Auto electronic flash (clip-on type) with pre-flash metering
Shoe type Multi Interface Shoe
Flash head (light-emitting unit)
Maximum Guide number 20 (Flash coverage setting 50 mm/TELE position, ISO100・m)
Flash coverage 50 mm (TELE position), 27 mm (Standard position)
Flash mode TTL
Flash Duration (Approx.) Within 1.4 ms (1/1 MANUAL)
Color Temperature (Approx.) 5500 K
Frequency (Approx.) 0.1-5.0 seconds (Alkaline battery)/0.1-4.0 seconds (Ni-MH battery)
Repetition (approx.) More than 90 times (Alkaline battery)/More than 150 times (Ni-MH battery)
Continuous flash performance 40 flashes at 3 flashes per second2
Bounce flash Yes
Bounce angle Up 75 deg (0 deg/75 deg)
Test flash -
Flash control Flash control using pre-flash (P-TTL/ADI)
Flash compensation -
Power level switching -
High-speed sync (HSS) -
Modelling flash -
Built-in wide panel Yes (27 mm, Standard position)
Built-in bounce sheet -
AF illuminator
AF illuminator -
Operating Range (Approx.) -
Radio-controlled wireless function
Radio Control Wireless Function -
Frequencies -
Channels -
Communication Distance (Approx.) -
Groups -
Maximum flash units -
Lighting ratio control -
Optical control wireless function
Optical Controlled Wireless Flash Yes (controller)3
Channels 1 Channel
Communication Distance (Approx.) 5 m4, 5
Groups 1 group
Lighting ratio control -
LED light function
Center Luminance Intensity (Approx.) -
Lighting Distance (Approx.) -
Focal length supported -
Continuous Lighting Time (Approx.) -
Color Temperature (Approx.) -
Power level switching -
Other functions
Auto zoom control optimized for image sensor size -
Flash distribution setting -
Auto WB Adjustment Yes6
Custom key settings -
Memory settings -
Remote release -
LCD panel -
Charge progress indicator -
External connectors
Sync terminal -
Multi/Micro USB terminal -
Power source
Power source Two AAA-size alkaline or Ni-MH batteries
External Battery Adaptor -
Other features
Dust and moisture-resistant design -

  • Carrying pouch(1)
  • Connector protect cap (1)
  • 7

Compact, easy-to-use flash for advanced lighting.

Quick Specs

Camera Flash
Hot-shoe clip-on flash
Dimensions (WxDxH)
6.2 cm x 2.4 cm x 11.4 cm
110 g
Guide Number (m / ISO 100)
Lens Coverage
Supported Exposure Control
Wireless off-camera control
Required Battery
2 x battery - AAA type
Designed For
Cyber-shot DSC-HX60, RX10, RX1R; Handycam FDR-AX30, AX33, AX40, AX43, AX45, AX55, AXP33, AXP35, AXP55, HDR-CX675, PJ620, PJ630, PJ670, PJ675, PJ800, PJ820; VLOGCAM ZV-1G; α3500; α6000; α6300; α6400; α6500; α68; α7 II; α7 III; α77 II; α7C; α7R II; α7R III; α7s; α7s II; α7s III; α9; α9 II; α99 II


6.2 cm
2.4 cm
11.4 cm
110 g
Enclosure Colour

Camera Flash

Hot-shoe clip-on flash
Hot Shoe Type
Sony Multi Interface Shoe
Guide Number (m / ISO 100)
Lens Coverage
Supported Exposure Control
Vertical Rotation Angle
+75 / 0
Wireless off-camera control


Included Accessories
Flash diffuser, carrying case


Power Consumption
  • Recycling time - 0.1 - 5 sec / 90 flash: - with 2 x AAA type - Alkaline
  • Recycling time - 0.1 - 4 sec / 150 flash: AAA type - Nickel Metal Hydride
Required Battery
2 x battery - AAA type

Compatibility Information

Designed For
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50, DSC-HX50V, DSC-HX60, DSC-HX60V, DSC-RX1, DSC-RX10, DSC-RX10 III, DSC-RX10 IV, DSC-RX100 II, DSC-RX1R, DSC-RX1R II
  • Sony Handycam FDR-AX30, FDR-AX33, FDR-AX40, FDR-AX43, FDR-AX45, FDR-AX55, FDR-AXP33, FDR-AXP35, FDR-AXP55, HDR-CX675, HDR-CX900, HDR-CX900E, HDR-PJ420VE, HDR-PJ430, HDR-PJ430V, HDR-PJ620, HDR-PJ630V, HDR-PJ650V, HDR-PJ650VE, HDR-PJ670, HDR-PJ675, HDR-PJ800, HDR-PJ810E, HDR-PJ820E
  • Sony VLOGCAM ZV-1G
  • Sony α SLT-A37, SLT-A37K, SLT-A37M, SLT-A37Y, SLT-A57, SLT-A57K, SLT-A57M, SLT-A57V, SLT-A57VK, SLT-A57VY, SLT-A57Y, SLT-A58, SLT-A58K, SLT-A58M, SLT-A58Y, SLT-A65, SLT-A65V, SLT-A65VK, SLT-A65VL, SLT-A65VM, SLT-A65VX, SLT-A65VY, SLT-A77, SLT-A77V, SLT-A77VK, SLT-A77VL, SLT-A77VM, SLT-A77VQ, SLT-A99V
  • Sony α NEX 6, 6L, 6Y, 7, 7K
  • Sony α3000 ILCE-3000, ILCE-3000K
  • Sony α3500 ILCE-3500J
  • Sony α6000 ILCE-6000, ILCE-6000L, ILCE-6000Y
  • Sony α6300
  • Sony α6400 ILCE-6400, ILCE-6400L, ILCE-6400M
  • Sony α6500
  • Sony α68 ILCA-68, ILCA-68K
  • Sony α7 ILCE-7, ILCE-7K
  • Sony α7 II ILCE-7M2, ILCE-7M2K
  • Sony α7 III ILCE-7M3, ILCE-7M3K
  • Sony α77 II ILCA-77M2M
  • Sony α7C
  • Sony α7R ILCE-7R
  • Sony α7R II ILCE-7RM2
  • Sony α7R III
  • Sony α7s ILCE-7S
  • Sony α7s II ILCE-7SM2
  • Sony α7s III
  • Sony α9
  • Sony α9 II ILCE-9M2
  • Sony α99 II ILCA-99M2

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