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    Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM)

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    Dell Wyse WCM

    Easily configure and deploy Windows Embedded thin clients

    Quickly and automatically configure your Windows Embedded Dell Wyse thin clients with Dell Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM). This innovative software can help you reduce the time and effort required to configure clients, allowing you to deploy configuration files to thin clients automatically at user login, without reimaging. WCM enables you to capture configuration files from a preconfigured device or create new ones using an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

    Dell wyse wcm
    • Flexible deployment: Turn your Windows Embedded thin client into a single-purpose device. Configure clients to behave as dedicated VMware® View™, Citrix® or Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) appliances or as “read only” information kiosks.

    • High scalability: Easily add new thin clients to networks of virtually any size. Use any FTP or web server to deploy configurations for up to thousands of endpoints.
    • Wide compatibility: WCM is ideal for small-business to enterprise environments and supports stationary or mobile thin clients, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard.*

    Minimize administration time and costs

    Dramatically simplify maintenance and help reduce administration costs with automated configuration of Windows Embedded thin clients. With WCM, you no longer have to create and deploy a new image every time a change is made. You can give each user a different configuration without having to image or reboot clients across your entire installation. Simply select the desired configuration and WCM automatically does the rest.

    Dell Wyse WCM
    • Fast deployment: To deploy a Windows Embedded Standard* thin client, simply plug it into the network and turn it on. Within just a few minutes, your device is configured for general or user-specific settings.

    • Simplified imaging: With WCM, you no longer have to create custom images to update commonly used device settings. Define a single “gold” image for the entire organization to simplify maintenance of clients.

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