Dell at DoDIIS: Making the Complex Simple

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The three days I was able to spend at the Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference were truly enlightening. The evolution of how the U.S. defense and intelligence community gathers, analyses and uses information is staggering – but there are still some gaps to fill. Decision makers in the intelligence community gathered in Phoenix to discuss many of these issues and also find some potential solutions that could help to fill some of these gaps.  

Security has been a major theme across the IT community of late, and it continues to be an issue of heightened importance in the defense and intelligence communities as they look for new and innovative ways to keep sensitive information secure. One of the solutions that generated a great deal of interest at the conference because of its ability to make the complex problem of securing multiple networks  on the same system simple was the Dell | INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client (DISCC). DISCC drew large crowds at a private briefing on the conference’s first night and at the booths featuring the solution because of its ability to help the defense and intelligence community streamline their operations and lower their total cost of ownership through a single system – quickly, as you’ll see demonstrated below.

Another major theme of the DoDIIS conference was mobility. In this highly-deployable world, the defense and intelligence communities are looking to remain just as connected and effective in field environments as they are in their offices. There were a few solutions at the Dell booth that generated some buzz because of their ability to enable a more mobile operating environment. The ruggedized line of Dell XFR laptops drew a great deal of interest as did the cloud and services offerings Dell Services brings to the table. However, the newest official mobile product in the Dell line-up that piqued the interest of quite a few conference attendees. See image below:

Dell Streak @ DoDIIS

The “Mission Powered Partnerships” on display at this year’s DoDIIS conference were truly impressive, but the ability to make the complex simple and the powerful easy to use is what helped to made Dell stand out.

About the Author: Max Peterson