Dell OpenManage Network Manager Service Pack 2 is now available

Ed. Note: This blog has been authored by Jeremy Erwin, Product Marketing – Dell Networking

Software updates can be daunting. They can take our time, test our patience, and often leave us with a feeling of regret – a longing for those carefree days before you installed the update that turned your well-oiled machine into your worst enemy.

It was with those painful memories in mind that we developed the latest service pack for Dell OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM). It is an update that’s actually designed to make your existing OMNM software “play nice” with its new hardware buddies and eliminate that dreaded buyer’s remorse that comes with your typical software update.

As the critical networking-focused component in the OpenManage family, OMNM makes it easier than ever to manage your converged network infrastructure. OMNM automates the discovery of new devices, simplifies their configuration, then allows you to monitor the health and performance of your network via an intuitive web-based interface. Once you’ve taken it on a free 30-day test drive, you can purchase OMNM at an affordable one-, three- or five-year subscription.

OMNM Service Pack 2 is loaded with updates and enhancements to help you stay on top of your network management, and most importantly, provides you the ability to integrate any Dell Networking switch into your networking environment with the same ease and simplicity that you’ve come to expect from our OMNM software. This update is a true example of how we listen to our customers, anticipate your needs, and give you the tools you need to get the job done.

OMNM Service Pack 2 includes:

  • New device support for Z9500, FN410S, FN410T and FN2210S models
  • Support for Dell Networking operating systems versions 9.7 and 6.2
  • New firmware and device support for Dell wireless controllers and Instant Access Points
  • Additional enhancements to traffic flow display and installer components

For existing OMNM customers, we’ve made the process about as easy as possible: you’ll just receive an email with instructions on how to download and install the update. And if you have questions, just contact Dell Customer Care directly at

To learn more about OMNM 6.0, and to download the latest product sheet and install guide with updated SP2 info, visit or the OMNM Tech Center Wiki.

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About the Author: Namrta Raghvendra