Getting Personal About Employee IT Needs

Workforce personas help ensure employees have the right technology to be most productive and have a positive user experience.

Employees in today’s fast-paced, global environment need reliable technology to communicate quickly and easily with colleagues worldwide. They also need to be able to access company information from anywhere. When their technology works well and is easy to use, employees are positioned to be productive and engaged. They’re also more likely to interact with other people in the company, which can help build a strong company culture. In the era of hybrid work, how can you best accomplish this?

Anticipate the Unique Needs of Different Employees

By creating workforce personas, you can ensure your employees are productive and have a positive user experience. Persona-based technology kits help new employees feel like part of the team from their first day on the job. The kits, tailored to each employee’s role, provide everything they need to hit the ground running with the latest technology.

For example, a major health plan provider recently worked with the Dell Lifecycle Hub (LCH) team to develop persona-based technology kits that enable the company to support its 15,000 employees and onboard as many as 150 new employees per week (Read more about the Health Plan Provider’s collaboration with Dell LCH).

The health plan provider’s principal architect captured the benefits of the approach when saying, “LCH enables us to enhance the user support experience with a dedicated team that shaved our 15-day deployment cycle down to two days. Employees receive their devices faster than ever and can be productive from day one.”

Enable a Long-lasting Relationship

The rapid deployment of persona-based technology will make employees feel valued and contribute to job satisfaction. In the case of the health plan provider, the company was able to get ahead of the challenge of getting its entire workforce onto systems upgraded to Windows 10 while implementing personas. By taking the time to create employee personas, you can create a workplace that can span spans the globe while remaining tailored to the individual requirements of your employees.

In addition to feeling valued and supported, employees who receive persona-based technology kits can make an immediate impact for your company. This helps create an immediately positive employee experience, setting the stage for a productive and long-lasting relationship.

Accelerate IT Service Requests

IT departments are under constant pressure to provide fast, efficient service. They need to handle employee requests quickly and efficiently to keep the workplace running smoothly. By having automated service requests from your company’s IT Service Management (ITSM) flow directly to Dell Lifecycle Hub, it is possible to ensure turnaround times are fast and employees receive their shipments on time. This can help improve workplace morale and productivity.

In addition, better work environment management can lead to improved workflow for the IT department. Automating service requests can make it easier for IT managers to keep track of what needs attention, and it can help improve the department’s overall efficiency. As the health plan provider’s IT director says, “Rather than attending to concerns about device provisioning and delays, I can address upstream challenges that I can actually fix.”

The First Step in the Chain

IT departments should be engines for delivering continuous positive employee experiences. Ensuring each employee has the right technology when they need it, moving technology between employees as roles change and keeping technology up-to-date are essential. Your company relies on what is, in effect, an internal technology supply chain. Like any supply chain, the tighter the coordination between the component stages, the more effective the chain will be at keeping your company running at peak efficiency.

Managing device lifecycles is important because it helps companies build fulfilling, productive work environments that produce high levels of satisfaction among employees – something IT can impact with efficiency by handling the replenishment process correctly and providing great service when introducing new devices or refreshing existing inventory.

With Dell Lifecycle Hub, companies gain access to a world-class managed service with seamlessly integrated warehousing, inventory management of multi-vendor hardware, configuration services, deployment expertise and device return, repair, exchange and refurbishing services. Visit our website to get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you deliver great device experiences.

Ryan Berger

About the Author: Ryan Berger

Ryan Berger is a Senior Product Manager of Dell Technologies Services Product Group. He is responsible for leading new solutions and strategies focused on helping customers solve evolving IT challenges in PC lifecycle management. He is a passionate product manager who has built his career around helping customers with their end user computing needs so that they are able to focus on what really matters most. Ryan joined Dell in 2007 and has global experience in Supply Chain Management, End User Computing, Marketing and Product Management. Ryan was recently awarded the 2022 TSIA star award for Innovation in Managed Services Strategic Adaptation and holds a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics from Penn State University.