Love at First Swipe: New EMC Syncplicity iPhone App

As the traditional workplace evolves, enterprises must continue to rethink how best to support its growing mobile workforce without losing productivity, efficiency and control.

Today, EMC Syncplicity launched its all-new iPhone app, available now in the iPhone App store.  Its beautiful user experience is built on the foundation of cutting edge consumer apps with added innovations to make complex tasks easy by overcoming the constraints of using a smaller form factor (i.e. a mobile device).

With this launch, we are changing the face of enterprise mobile software. Enterprise software has rarely seen this type of user experience where content is specifically optimized for the business user. It enables easier access, viewing and sharing while overcoming common device constraints associated with working on a mobile device. In short, no longer will a small screen, confusing navigation tools and complex chains of activity hinder the ability to get work done.

Let’s dive into some details.

A More Beautiful, Elegant Design

The new iPhone app is more elegant than ever before.  Making the most of limited real estate, Syncplicity is revolutionizing mobility by optimizing its app with easy thumb-only navigation. Syncplicity has introduced 3-D menu panels that can be viewed with easy left or right swiping and deep folder navigation on a z-axis, so the deeper you search, the easier it is to find your way back to your starting point.

syncplicity 1

Efficient and Powerful

Getting work done on a mobile platform can be challenging. That’s why Syncplicity has developed its new app to work the way an enterprise user needs it to work. Connecting to calendar invites and meeting notices on your mobile device, the new app makes predictions and suggestions for sharing content with others. It even takes care of mundane, but important, tasks like asking you to send reminders to those who need to download a file and updating you on exactly when a document has been changed, all in real time.

Syncplicity 2

Syncplicity has easy user-based search capabilities – a simple drag and drop system will bring up all the files a single person has shared with you for easy content discovery, which saves you from having to remember specific file names. Additionally, multi-location copying (something not available on the desktop) means you can quickly copy over multiple files to one location in one fell swoop.

syncplicity 3

Finally, we’ve enabled editing and annotation of all Microsoft Office documents and PDFs without needing an Office license or any third party applications. Just drop in, make your comments and share!

We have made our new Syncplicity app as beautiful and functional as possible, all while maintaining the integrity of our original syncing and sharing platform with the security protocols IT departments love. If you believe in such a thing as love at first swipe, then go to the app store and start your love affair!

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