Glencore Coal Assets Australia

    • Easy to manage, all-in-one data protection

    • With a growth rate of 20-25% annually, Glencore Coal Assets Australia wanted a cost-effective data protection solution that could improve backup times, simplify management and keep data available. Working with Dell Technologies Partner Data#3 they chose an outcome-based solution comprising Dell EMC DP series appliances at each of their sites. Now they complete 100% of backups in 8 hours, and can resture 1.5TB of data in 4 hours.

    • “This was a strong collaboration between Data#3 and Dell Technologies that enabled the customer to upgrade to a solution that would ensure high-level protection, storage and growth for the next five years.”

      Chris Perkins, Account Manager, Data3

    • “We’ve had a positive experience with Dell through PowerProtect DD series appliances, and now through the DP series. Each DP series appliance can operate on its own. It’s not reliant on anything else to run. With all of our sites, that was very attractive to us.”

      Ben Egan, Group IT Team Manager, Glencore Coal Assets Australia

    • Rock-solid data protection at every site

      Glencore CAA has a lot of data to protect, and its data increases by 20-25% annually. Dell EMC provides a fully integrated solution that’s easy to manage and easy to scale as Glencore’s needs grow.

    • Simple to manage, 100% successful

      Simple to manage, 100% successful

      Glencore CAA boasts a 100% restore success rate with their Dell EMC Data Protection solution. Each Data Protection Series Appliance is independent and easy to manage, and Glencore CAA enjoys a 49:1 dedupe rate, with 100% of backups completed in eight hours.

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    • Customer: Glencore Coal Assets Australia
      Industry: Energy
      Location: Australia

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.