• PowerEdge XR Rugged Servers

    Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processor
    • PowerEdge XR Servers

      Rugged PowerEdge XR servers are built to withstand the extreme heat, dust, shock and vibration of factory floors, construction sites, mobile command centers and other extreme environments.

    • Offering you high-performance, reliable and expertly engineered technology backed by engineering expertise. 

    • Overview

    • PowerEdge XR4000

      Industry certified, multi-node 2U short-depth rugged OEM-ready server with rack or wall mountable options. Optimized for edge use cases including retail, manufacturing, telecom, marine and government applications.

      • Dell’s shortest-depth server (350 mm)*

      • Continuous operation in extended temperatures ranging from -5C to 55C

      • Expand as needed with up to 4 server sleds in a single 2U chassis

    • PowerEdge XR5610

      The PowerEdge XR5610 is a 1U single-socket server designed for target workloads in networking and communication, enterprise edge, military, and defense.

      • Continuous operation in extreme temperature ranges from -5C to 55C

      • 1U single-socket server that is ruggedized, certified and compact

      • Filtered smart bezel for dust, and MIL/NEBS testing for shocks & vibrations

    • PowerEdge XR7620

      The XR7620 server is a high-performance, high-capacity server for the most demanding workloads, certified to operate in rugged, dusty environments.

      • Continuous operation in extreme temperature ranges from -5C to 55C

      • Reduces service complexity with reversible I/O & power

      • Deploy nearly anywhere with a rackable chassis for existing server infrastructures

    • PowerEdge XR8000

      High-density, 2U multi-node server designed for demanding workloads such as large-scale virtualization, private cloud, and machine learning applications.

      • Operating temperatures from -20C to 65C for select configurations

      • Reduce service complexity with sled-based servers

      • Ruggedized, dense, and compact

    • PowerEdge XR2

      Industry certified dual socket, 1U, short-depth rugged OEM-ready server with workload acceleration. Built for marine retail, restaurant and government applications.

      • Continuous operation up to 45C and supported in temps up to 55C

      • Powerful dual socket design with an optional accelerator

      • Offers up to 48 x86 cores, 1x 70W accelerator and up to 8 drives

    • PowerEdge XR11

      Industry certified single-socket, 1U, short-depth rugged OEM-ready server with reverse mounting capabilities. Built for telecom, retail, marine and government applications.

      • Continuous operation in extreme temperature ranges from -5C to 55C

      • Easy access in small spaces with front or rear port connectivity

      • Offers up to 36 x86 cores, 2x 70 W accelerators and up to 4 drives

    • PowerEdge XR12

      Industry certified single-socket, 2U, short-depth rugged OEM-ready server with reverse mounting capabilities. Built for telecom, retail, marine and government applications.

      • Continuous operation in extreme temperature ranges from -5C to 55C

      • Easy access in small spaces with front or rear port connectivity

      • Offers up to 36 x86 cores, 2x 70 W, 150 W or 2x 300 W double wide accelerators and up to 6 drives

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        • Deep dive into PowerEdge XR servers

      • OEM PowerEdge XR servers built at the edge

        Customized, high performance compute, right at the edge.

      • Unlock new high value insights by processing and analyzing data at its source. Accelerate critical business decision making saving time and money.

      • Explore the latest powerful single socket technology, ruggedness and convenient front or rear facing ports for connection simplicity in confined spaces.

      • Born from the needs of telecom operators, learn how these NEBS Level 3 certified servers are designed to provide you an open and scalable solution at or near your RANs.

      • Define and develop your edge solutions and capabilities with the PowerEdge XR11 and XR12.

      • Find out why OEM capabilities and solutions with PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 can make a difference.

      • Hear firsthand from our experts about new rugged features and benefits of PowerEdge XR11 and XR12.


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    • Rugged servers for the edge

      The prolific growth of edge devices has created a demand for servers beyond the traditional data center. Certified for telco and military use, PowerEdge XR servers are OEM-configurable and offered with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

    • Technical Point of View

    • Technical Point of View

      Tough performance where you need it most

      Explore the latest advancements in technology and design that have been integrated into our OEM XR2 rugged server that delivers maximize performance at the edge.

    • Technical Point of View

      Edge insights that keep your business innovating

      Discover how the OEM XR2 rugged server helps you derive critical business insights from powerful data at the edge.

    • Rugged OEM Solutions

      Dive deep into the capabilities of the PowerEdge XR series

    • PowerEdge XR2 Blog

      The toughest OEM technology for the toughest industries

      Rugged, ready and right along with you. Your data is the lifeblood of what you do. The PowerEdge XR2 server is with you every mile.

    • PowerEdge XR2 Infographic

      Experience upgraded and powerful performance

      Take advantage of GPU power, NVMe memory and DC power to bring new insights to your data at the edge.

    • PowerEdge XR2 Blog

      Ultimate compute flexibility

      The OEM-exclusive PowerEdge XR2 brings together the best combination of functionality plus extensive customization options from OEM custom intake services.

    • Industrial Edge Experts Talk

      Security and performance at the industrial Edge

      Hear from Intel and Dell Technologies experts and learn how you can leverage emerging trends to drive new business. Capture insights where you need them, no matter how harsh the environment.