• Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design Storage

    PowerScale for Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing

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    • Infrastructure that reduces the time to market for the design and lowers the risk for the manufacture of electronics that will power the future digital world

      As transistors keep shrinking and design complexity keeps growing, increased manufacturing complexity boosts risk and cost — making time-to-market even more critical. Our IT infrastructure solutions for semiconductor design and manufacturing deliver the performance, scalability, and efficiency to resolve these challenges and manage exponential data growth. 

    • Optimize semiconductor design and manufacturing workloads to innovate faster

      • PowerScale provides true scalability and ever-expanding namespace.
      • Architect storage infrastructure for current and future needs, as PowerScale scales in both performance and capacity linearly.
      • PowerScale, powered by PowerScale OneFS, along with DataIQ, ECS, and Dell Streaming Data Platform provides a holistic solution to your data life cycle management in a multi-cloud world.
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      Dell Technologies Shaping The Future of Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing

      See how a modern infrastructure can help electronics manufacturers innovate faster with lower risk and cost.

    • Storage solutions for semiconductor design and manufacturing

      Dell storage solutions for semiconductor design reduce bottleneck, optimize concurrency, improve storage efficiency, centralize data lifecycle management to lower costs, and optimize a semiconductor chip's time to market.

    • Top reasons to choose Dell EMC for semiconductor manufacturing

      Top Reasons to Choose PowerScale for Google Cloud for Semiconductor Design

      PowerScale for Google Cloud brings game-changing performance at scale. Semiconductor companies can take advantage of this offering to boost productivity, reduce time-to-market, speed innovation, and lower operating costs.

    • All-flash performance to lower time to market

      All-flash performance to lower time to market for semiconductor workloads

      PowerScale combines ultra-high performance all-flash storage, the latest Intel Xeon CPUs to support millions of semiconductor design data files. With PowerScale, organizations can see better turn-around time vs. alternative all-flash solutions. 

    • High Performance job scheduling

      High-performance job scheduling for distributed HPC environments

      By combining the high performance of PowerScale and advanced job scheduling of Altair Accelerator, semiconductor companies will be able to maximize their compute infrastructure resource utilization and throughput, leading to faster turn-around times and better semiconductor tool license utilization.

    • PowerScale: Storage Optimized for HPC in Semiconductor Design Environments

      PowerScale: Storage Optimized for HPC in Semiconductor Design Environments

      See how your organization can take advantage of PowerScale to achieve optimal performance for HPC workload in semiconductor design environments.

    • An ideal infrastructure for powering innovation in the semiconductor industry

      • Leading scale-out NAS delivers performance at scale for semiconductor workloads


        Leading scale-out NAS delivers performance at scale for semiconductor design workloads

        For semiconductor design workloads, PowerScale eliminates controller bottlenecks to reduce wall-clock runtimes for concurrent jobs, scales in both performance and capacity linearly, improves storage efficiency to lower capital expenditures, centralizes management to reduce operating expenses, and delivers strategic advantages to reduce a chip's time to market.

    • Semiconductor companies rely on Dell Technologies to accelerate business outcomes

      Dell Technologies has a proven track record of excellence and a deep understanding of the semiconductor industry. We’re thrilled about the industry’s future and driving its innovations. 

    • Global Semiconductor Alliance

      Global Semiconductor Alliance

      Dell Technologies, a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), is committed to establish an efficient and sustainable semiconductor ecosystem and a platform for sharing of ideas and thought leadership to accelerate industry growth and maximize ROI for customers.

    • Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) logo

      Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

      As a member of the industry association SEMI, Dell Technologies is focused on speeding up time to market for customers by driving collaboration and innovation across the global electronics design and manufacturing supply chain.

    • Essential Resources

      Dell Storage for Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing Resources

    • Customer Story: Broadcom

      Broadcom uses Dell technologies to optimize time to market and improve productivity

      Broadcom selects Dell networking and storage solutions to take the path toward more innovation and collaboration while speeding time-to-market of new products and improving user productivity.

    • Customer Story: Altair Engineering

      Customer Story: Altair

      Altair engineers global growth strategy with PowerScale

      “PowerScale is our Swiss Army knife of storage. As we take on new database projects, it’s easy to add dedicated flash tiers. Or if we need archiving for compliance, it’s just as simple to bring on lower-speed, high capacity storage”

      -Jeff Marraccini, Vice President, Computer Systems, Altair