ITSM – IT Service Management

Integrate your ITSM to optimize

Currently using an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution? Now you can use your existing ITSM platform to purchase directly from Dell Technologies. With Dell API technology our Dell Premier experts can help integrate your existing ITSM with Dell at no cost. We'll get you up and running, enabling authorized employees across your organization to buy the technologies they need more efficiently—while adhering to your corporate procurement policies.

Automate to transform

Increase productivity across your organization by integrating your existing ITSM platform with Dell Premier
  • Speed up ordering and delivery
  • Automate IT purchases for new hires and system refreshes
  • Increase productivity across the board

Modernize & save

Help transform your workforce by enabling ITSM-based employee purchasing
  • Add flexibility to your buying
  • Set up personas across roles
  • Enforce your IT procurement policies
  • Utilize personas across roles
  • Automate approvals via persona-based purchasing controls

Rely on us

Leverage expert help from Dell to integrate existing ITSM platforms at no cost 
  • Purchase Dell products from within existing ITSM platform
  • Never leave your ITSM platform
  • Leverage Dell expertise during the integration process.
  • Easily integrate with Dell API technology
  • Get support 24/7

Support your digital transformation strategy with end-to-end user self-service procurement

  • Move from a centralized procurement model with ITSM Integration and automate procurement into the ITSM workflow process
  • With the new library Dell APIs for procurement integration, you can extend the benefits of your existing ITSM system—such as automating approvals, managing IT service tickets, and more—to the Dell purchasing environment

Streamline how employees get what they need

1. Team Member logs into IT request portal and sees pre-approved product bundles (including software and peripherals)

2. Team Member selects items and creates Order Request

3. Order Request flows through custom approval process

4. Purchase Order generated and submitted to Dell Order Management System

5. Device ships from the Configuration Center and Team Member receives device

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