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    Multi-Cloud Webinar Series

    Join our four part webinar series on managing a multi-cloud environment

      • KEYNOTE

        Learning from Leaders: How to Thrive in a Multi-cloud world

        The recent rush to implement business continuity and home working has clearly demonstrated that the most digitised companies can quickly adapt – and are positioned to emerge fastest from the economic slowdown. With a multi-cloud model allowing agility and innovation, these companies can effectively navigate disruption and respond to an evolving business landscape.

        Join our webinar hosted by Carla Arend - IDC’s Head of European Cloud Research, to gain current and detailed insight into cloud trends and investments.
        With insight from IDC, Dell Technologies and VMware, you will learn:

        • How leading organisations are responding to the shifting business landscape
        • Why 94% of businesses surveyed by IDC plan to change their long-term IT strategy
        • How you can navigate for disruption with the right multi-cloud model for agility and innovation
        • The value of a best practice cloud multi-cloud strategy that suits any eventuality
      • Speakers


          Carla Arend

          Head of European Cloud Research, IDC


          Mike Hulme

          Senior Director, VMware Cloud


          Nigel Moulton

          EMEA CTO, Modern DataCenter Team,
          Dell Technologies

    • Continue watching and join our three breakout sessions

    • Break-out 1

      Get in sync with modern applications

      Amidst rapid business change, learn how to set an effective application strategy, ensuring you modernize, evolve and deliver applications based on sound planning and clear, collective goals.

    • Break-out 2

      Why now is the time to re-think infrastructure

      Only a well-architected multi-cloud model provides the agility to navigate challenges known and unknown. Find out how to build the right infrastructure using data insights to achieve the right cloud balance. 

    • Break-out 3

      Get set for multi-cloud innovation

      Advance innovation through simplicity, consistency and versatility. Discover how the optimal multi-cloud blend, together with public cloud providers, will future-proof your operations against disruption and give you competitive advantage. 


      Educational resources

    • Featured

      How cloud management consistency drives business efficiency

      ESG reports 90% of organizations with consistent cloud management boost efficiency.

    • Remove operational chaos, increase business agility

      Top reasons to move toward consistent hybrid cloud with modernized IT.

    • Accelerate time to market up to 15% with hybrid cloud

      According to IDC, hybrid cloud can also boost developer productivity up to 28% and reduce risk 13% on average.

    • The only consistent cloud platform experience on the market

      A Moor Insights paper reports that only Dell Technologies offers a consistent experience across private infrastructure and top public clouds.

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