• Esports solutions for education

    Esports solutions for education

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  • Elevating esports in Education: Preparing Students for their Digital Futures

    Dell Technologies commissioned OnePoll to execute a survey of 500 educational stakeholders and 1,500 parents and of children aged 11-18, to explore the perceptions and experiences of esports in and outside of education. Covering a range of topics from inclusion and accessibility, to core skillsets and digital career pathways, the survey acts as a pulse check for public and private stakeholders looking to support the opportunity. Ultimately, providing the groundwork for advocates and curious parties determined to progress digital education.

    • Accelerate student learning with esports for education

      Esports is providing new opportunities for students, from K-12 through Higher Education, to engage in team sports and develop essential skills needed for success. From competition to production to game design, Dell Technologies delivers end-to-end esports solutions to help your organization get in the game.

    • Unleash the power of esports to drive student success

      • Industry leading PC platforms for gaming and creation
      • Infrastructure solutions to support all aspects of esports
      • Esports resources and services to help meet educational goals