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    Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Verify your as-built PowerEdge server hardware configurations for more secure deployments. 

      Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification ensures that PowerEdge servers are delivered and ready for deployment exactly as they were built by Dell manufacturing, providing an extension to Dell’s Secure Supply Chain assurance process.

    • Authenticate new PowerEdge servers quickly and securely

      • Deploy PowerEdge servers confidently with a component set that is delivered with an encrypted “as-built” certificate you can validate
      • Leverage existing server management workflows to incorporate server component verification into your deployment processes
      • Align your server security standards with emerging industry guidelines to meet the most demanding requirements for secure IT infrastructure
    • Server Components Securely Validated by You

      In this digital era, the security of the technology supply chain is under constant scrutiny. While Dell has established comprehensive security procedures from the very beginning, and continues to make significant improvements, there are some customers with elevated component security requirements. Those customers need the ability to confidently deploy new servers knowing that critical components are matched exactly with the configuration that left the factory. This enables them to confidently stand up new applications in the datacenter, keeping pace with the digital demands of the business.

    • Trust Your Server Hardware from the Beginning

      With Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that the hardware configuration of your server is exactly the way it left the factory

      Enhance IT Security

      Adding a secured component validation to your standard operating procedures for new server deployment is a low touch, low risk enhancement that ultimately secures your overall IT security operations.

      Accelerate IT Innovation

      Along with enhancing security operations, the confidence provided by having  validated servers enables IT to focus more on business-related innovations

    • Confidently Deploy New PowerEdge Servers

      As the security landscape continues to evolve and attack vectors on hardware and firmware increase, enhancing supply chain security is an emerging requirement needing immediate attention. One piece of that puzzle has been the secure verification of the “as-built” hardware configuration between the factory and the destination datacenter. With this capability, server and security teams can confidently deploy servers into high security environments with verified components straight from the factory.

    • Begin with a Trusted Foundation

      Dell Technologies Supply Chain Security procedures and technology provide factory-to-rack assurance of the integrity of PowerEdge servers. This sets the bar higher for the modern technology supply chain. By leveraging this capability with  existing PowerEdge features, such as Hardware Root of Trust and iDRAC System Lockdown, server and security teams can build out their IT infrastructure on a trusted foundation.

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