• Sustainable Devices


    Sustainability is our starting point

    From the materials in our products and packaging to the strength and integrity of our supply chain, we design devices with the entire lifecycle in mind. With ambitious goals and constant innovation, every year will be our most sustainable one yet.

    Intel Innovation Built-in

      Designing our way to a better future

      From using leftover materials from the aerospace industry, to utilizing new-age bio-based materials, we look for every possible opportunity to shrink our devices’ footprint.

      • We have utilized over 27 million pounds of sustainable materials in our products.1
      • Our products feature up to 85% post-consumer recycled plastic.2
      • We have used ocean-bound plastic3 in our packaging since 2017 and introduced it into select products in 2022, increasing our commitment to keeping these materials out of our oceans and waterways.

      • Across our client and infrastructure products, we currently have over 400 EPEAT registrations and counting.
      • Innovation made real

        Our use of innovative, renewable materials in our products is key to reducing our impact on the planet. In 2021, we engineered our first PCs made with tree-based bioplastic and bio-based rubber and we aim to expand our use of renewables into more platforms in 2022.

    • Latitude

      Latitude are the first PCs made with reclaimed carbon fiber4 and tree-based bioplastic.5

    • OptiPlex

      In 2007, OptiPlex desktops were the first PCs made with recycled materials, and today they contain up to 60% recycled plastic.6

    • Precision

      Precision mobile workstations were the first in the industry to be made with renewable bioplastic.7

    • Monitors

      Select new commercial Dell Monitors use 85% recycled plastic in their design.8

    • EcoLoop Carrying Cases

      The EcoLoop collection is designed with reclaimed materials and its solution dyeing process uses 90% less wastewater.9

    • PowerEdge

      We have reduced PowerEdge’s energy intensity by 83% since 2013.10

    • PowerStore

      PowerStore guarantees 4:1 data reduction to support infrastructure consolidation.11

    • PowerMax

      The latest PowerMax is 40% more energy efficient than the previous generation.12

    • Packaging

      Commitment to sustainable packaging

      Dell Technologies is a pioneer in the packaging industry, finding new ways to reduce our overall footprint, and utilizing new material sources like ocean-bound plastic, bamboo and mushrooms.

      Using recycled and renewable materials helps us cut our energy and water consumption and allows those materials to be recycled yet again once the products have safely reached their users.

      • 87% of our packaging materials are made from recycled or renewable content.13
      • We are the first in our industry to make packaging from renewably sourced bamboo.
      • Our packaging utilized more than 118,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic in 2020.
      • By introducing multipack solutions for client and infrastructure products, we have reduced packaging materials and our shipping footprint.14
      Commitment to sustainable packaging.
    • Supply chain

      Minimizing our footprint, responsibly

      We champion the people who build our products, insisting upon ethical practices, respect, and dignity for all workers. We are committed to creating safe environments and supporting supply chain resiliency to ensure our products are made safely and responsibly. And we are working with our suppliers to help reduce their environmental footprint, too.

      • We are proud to be a 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies® honoree by the Ethisphere® Institute.
      • As a founding member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), we work to improve efficiency and social, ethical and environmental responsibility in the global electronics supply chain.
      • We have been recognized as a leader for supplier engagement on climate change, ranking in the top 7% of companies assessed, based on our 2020 CDP disclosure.
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    • 1 Includes only recycled and renewable materials used in new Dell Technologies-branded products

      2 Based on internal analysis, August 2021. Dell Monitors feature up to 85% recycled plastic.

      3Ocean-bound plastic is material collected within 50km of oceans and waterways. Available in select desktops, notebooks and carrying cases, as well as packaging. 

      4 Based on internal analysis, September 2019

      5 Based on Dell analysis, Jan 2020. 21% bioplastics in LCD coverlid

      6 Based on internal analysis, April 2021

      Based on Dell analysis, Jan 2020. 21% bioplastics in LCD coverlid

      8 Based on internal analysis, September 2021

      9 Based on Dell internal analysis of published data on solution-dyed virgin polyester and fabric supplier data sheets, December 2018.

      10 Based on internal analysis, April 2021

      11 4:1 average rate guaranteed across customer applications. Rates for individual applications may vary. See Future-Proof Program terms and conditions for details.

      12 Based on Dell internal analysis, August 2020, comparing a fully configured PowerMax 8000 vs. a fully configured VMAX 950F. Actual power savings will vary.

      13 Recyclability of packaging materials is not included in the measurement

      14 Subject to regional availability