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Keep your devices secure from anywhere

Prevent, detect & remediate attacks

Encrypt sensitive information & protect data

Access your device securely from anywhere

Keep endpoints secure from anywhere

Secure end user credentials

Dell SafeID

Gain visibility to BIOS tampering

Dell SafeBIOS with BIOS Indicators of Attack (IoA)

Ensure on-screen digital privacy

Dell SafeScreen

The technology you need to implement comprehensive endpoint security

Stay free of malware & cyber attacks: Dell SafeGuard and Response.

Stay free of malware & cyber attacks: Dell SafeGuard and Response.

Prevent unknown threats and respond quickly and efficiently to hidden attacks across endpoint, network and cloud with the help of Secureworks and VMware Carbon Black.

VMware Carbon Black Standard Datasheet

Advanced Datasheet

Enterprise Datasheet

Endpoint Standard + SWX

Protect data on device and in the cloud with Dell SafeData.

Protect data on device and in the cloud with Dell SafeData.

Protect sensitive data on device to help meet compliance regulations, and secure information in the cloud giving end users the freedom to safely collaborate.

Endpoint Encryption

Real Time Protection Datasheet

Absolute Visibility Control Resilience

Gain visibility of hidden attacks lurking below the OS using Dell SafeBios.

Gain visibility of hidden attacks lurking below the OS using Dell SafeBios.

Guard against stealth attacks by utilizing off-host BIOS verification and other measures.

Dell SafeBIOS Datasheet

Dell SafeID Datasheet

Dell SafeBIOS Whitepaper

Dell Trusted Devices Whitepaper

Secure Laptops

Dell Laptops - Everywhere Security.
Latitude Laptops

Latitude Laptops

The most secure business laptops from Dell with built-in smart features.

Vostro Laptops

Vostro Laptops

Vostro offer an ideal combination of functionality and security, ideal for SMEs.

Precision Mobile Workstations

Precision Mobile Workstations

For the most demanding applications with fast processors and powerful graphics cards.

Secure Desktops

Dell Desktops - Secure and Compact.


Compact and highly expandable tower PCs with practical all-in-one solutions.

Vostro Desktops


Vostro PCs offer a balanced mix of price and performance

Precision 3640 Desktop

Precision Tower & Rack Workstations

For the most demanding applications with certified graphics cards.

Protect your infrastructure

Protect your infrastructure

Ironclad security. Improved productivity. Trusted infrastructure. Anywhere you work. IT efficiency and end-to-end security are at the core of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. With leading integration, automation and deployment capabilities, every server is built to protect and power a wide variety of applications and workloads with ease. Focus on your remote workforce knowing that your IT assets are secure, protected and available.


of orgs surveyed report modern servers improved systems reliability.1


of orgs surveyed report modern servers improve application performance.1


reduction in downtime costs by orgs with a modern server environment2

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DataProtection solutions

DataProtection solutions

Get the performance, efficiency and scale you need to ensure your data is always protected



Faster Backups 3



Faster Restores 3



Deduplication 4



More Logical Capacity 4

PowerProtect appliances are your one stop for proven and modern data protection.

Keep up with relentless data growth, secure mission critical apps and meet the needs of emerging workloads wherever they are located. PowerProtect simplifies data protection operations and reduces risk, enabling you to meet SLAs while lowering costs with: #1 Purpose-built Backup Appliances5 | Integrated and target systems | Cloud, VMware and cyber recovery capabilities


The PowerProtect DP series appliances is the integrated appliance solution from the PowerProtect appliances portfolio.
In addition to accelerated backup and recovery, this next generation of the Integrated Data Protection Appliances (IDPA) provides replication, deduplication and instant access and restore with tight VMware integration.
One-stop data protection at a low cost-to-protect with long-term retention and disaster recovery to the cloud makes this the ultimate data protection solution for organizations of all sizes.


DP4400 DP5900 DP8400 DP8900
Max Throughput
Up to 9TB/hr Up to 33 TB/hr Up to 57 TB/hr Up to 94 TB/hr
Logical Capacity
Up to 4.8PB Up to 18.7PB Up to 49.9PB Up to 65PB
Logical Capacity with Cloud Tier
Up to 14.4PB Up to 56.1PB Up to 149.7PB Up to 195PB
Usable Capacity
8TB - 96TB 96TB - 288TB 192TB - 768TB 576TB - 1PB
Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier
Up to 288TB Up to 864TB Up to 2.3PB Up to 3PB

Services and Financing

Dell Technologies Apex

Get the ease and agility of as-a-Service combined with the power and control of leading technology infrastructure. Deploy an as-a-Service operating model on your terms, wherever it is needed — in your data center, out at the edge or in a colocation facility.

Flexible payment solutions

Whether you are looking to pay for technology as you use it, rotate your technology every few years, manage your cash flow or finance your software purchases, we have a solution for you.

Services Portfolio

Make Dell Technologies Services your transformation partner for the digital future. From the edge, to the core, to the cloud―our industry experts offer strategic guidance and proven practical capabilities to help you accelerate time to value of your transformation objectives.


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1 Forrester: Faster Server Refresh Cycles Boost Innovation And Security For Midmarket Business, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell EMC, May 2019.

2 Source: Based on ESG eBook “The Trusted Data Center and Server Infrastructure: Best Practices and Business Results for Midmarket Organizations” commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel Corporation, November 2019. Results are based on a survey of 1,650midmarket IT decision makers from 9 countries and evaluating trusted data center best practices, grouping Leaders by alignment to all best practices and Laggards by alignment to three or fewer. Actual results will vary. Full report:

When compared to previous generation. Based on Dell EMC internal testing. April 2021. Actual results may vary.

When compared to previous generation. Based on Dell EMC internal testing and field telemetry data. April 2021. Actual results may vary.

Based on IDC WW Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Systems Tracker, 2Q20 (revenue), September 2020.

Intel® Core™ Processors